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I'll Kneecap Night Stalker

MARK Rangers is the self- appointed guardian of his Brahma Lodge community - and has the full support of his neighbours.
Worried about an increase in burglaries and stalking in the past two weeks, the 64- year- old pensioner has started nightly patrols armed with a torch, a mobile phone and a large stick.
"We shouldn't have to do it but the police are half an hour away at Elizabeth because the Salisbury station closes at 8.30pm," Mr Rangers said yesterday.
"If I catch him. I'll kneecap him."
The only description police have of the offender is that he is male and of medium to large build.
He has broken into Dorset St properties alone about six times.
Several houses - including one home to three young girls - have been targeted more than once.
One resident Sue, who like others won't reveal her surname, said her 24- year- old son, who lives in a converted rear shed, had seen a torchlight on several nights and heard a person jumping a fence.
"It's a bit alarming - we kept the house lights on last night and the three young ones slept in my bed," she said.
Danielle, a mother with a young daughter, said the stalker had visited early yesterday morning.
"He came to our place last night - three times I could see the light shining through the window blinds at about 12-30,1.30 and then about 4am," Danielle said.
"I didn't sleep, I wasn't game enough - it's bloody scary."
The stalker, who shines torches in his victims' faces, has visited seven different suburbs in the past two weeks, and as many as five homes a night.
On at least six occasions since February 16 he gained entry into the homes through an unlocked rear door. Residents have woken up to him standing above them shining the torch in their faces, or through a bedroom window.
"He hasn't displayed any violence and has immediately fled the scene when disturbed," Elizabeth CIB Detective Sergeant Philip Skurray said, "In some cases, items like jewellery or cash have been stolen, including a handbag in one case that was taken from a bedroom but then found, with property intact, outside," he said.
He urged all residents to boost their home and personal security.
"Make sure the locks are in working order, draw the blinds at night and lock the door even when you are at home," he said...Crime Stoppers-1800 333 000.


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14. Para Hills

Adelaide Advertiser (29-2-2004)

He's Struck At 32 Homes

A 12-YEAR-OLD girl who came face- to-face with a man stalking northern suburb homes has provided the first accurate description of the offender.
The identikit image was released by police this week in a bid to track the offender who has struck more than 30 homes.
"If they recognise this person, or know anything, please ring us," Elizabeth CIB officer- in-charge Chief Inspector lan Gibson said.
Kimberly was asleep in her Para Hills home when the intruder disturbed her about 1.30am on March 20.
She was alerted to his presence only after hearing footsteps in the hallway.
"I thought it might have been the cats or my brother, but then I got a bit suspicious and felt the light shining in my eyes," the Year 7 student said.
"I turned around and saw him in the doorway just looking around.
"I couldn't believe that someone was in my house.
The intruder left Kimberly's room. which was when her mother Trish, who requested her surname not be used, also heard footsteps in the house.
The man returned a short time later and Kimberly managed to get another clear look at him.
"He lifted up my blanket a bit and said 'boo' and jumped back because I turned around and he went out," Kimberly said.
When the rest of the Leabrook Drv household was alerted to the intruder, he left the same way he entered, through the front door.
Trish said: "I kept screaming for (my husband) Michael to come around because he was checking the back of the house and I couldn't believe that he was just standing there - it was a big shock".
Police are investigating 32 incidents in which an intruder has been sighted since January 4. However, never before has such a detailed description been provided.
"Until this, the actual sightings of him have been very limited because people have often been blinded by the torch light or they've seen a shadow," Detective Sergeant Philip Skurray said.
Chief Insp Gibson said an increased police presence had been committed to the target suburbs.

Sunday Mail (4-4-2004)
Anna Merola


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