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Mum Raped As She Pushed Pram Down Street

A MOTHER was sexually assaulted as she pushed her young daughter in a pram along a busy northwest Brisbane street at the weekend.
The attack, which took place in daylight at Ashgrove, has stunned police and angered local residents. Police have released a comfit of the attacker, who is believed to be aged between 14 and 16.
Acting Inspector Ian Hall said the teen had stalked the 35-year-old woman while she jogged and walked, pushing her three-year-old daughter in a pram on Saturday.
She had sensed her attacker's presence in McLean Parade and noticed him continuing to follow her through parkland and along Gailey St.
He attacked the woman outside a residence in Ashgrove Ave about 5.15pm. "A male juvenile person, approximately 16 years of age, has come up behind the complainant, grabbed her on both her biceps holding her down," Insp Hall said.
"He has then reached around with his left hand and put his hand into her shorts and sexually assaulted her this is what would constitute a rape.
"The complainant has struggled and elbowed the offender and yelled and screamed at him.
"The complainant, as you can imagine, was in a state of shock, which allowed the offender to walk back down Gailey St and go on his way."
He said two people witnessed the man putting his arms around the woman and then heard her scream.
Onlookers alerted police. Yesterday three more witnesses had come forward.
Insp Hall said residents should "keep their eyes and ears open and if they see anybody suspicious".
Ashgrove Ave residents said they were shocked the attack had occurred on their street, where parents often walked with prams.
Many said it was a family-oriented area.
Lindsay Green, 23, said she was shocked the attack took place at 5.15pm when it was still light.
Tony, who did not want his last named to be published, said "you don't expect it in this area".
"It's pretty horrendous that people can't walk in daylight and not be attacked. I have been here 18 months and you wouldn't think it would happen in Ashgrove of all places."
Nicole Rodgers, 32, said she now feared for her safety.
"I'm safety-conscious but even more so now. Hopefully they'll find him soon," Ms Rodgers said.
The offender is Caucasian in appearance, with a tanned complexion, curly brown hair, slim build, between 165cm and 175cm tall. He was wearing a white polo shirt with coloured sleeves, a white baseball cap and grey or tan coloured boardshorts.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Courier Mail (31-1-2005)
Tanya Moore/ Mick Daly


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