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Fugitive Heir To Cosmetics Empire Caught At Resort

Bounty Hunters Track Convicted Rapist To Mexico

MAX Factor cosmetics heir and convicted rapist Andrew Luster was arrested yesterday after five months on the run.
He was taken into custody by Mexican police as he scuffled with bounty hunters who trailed him to the popular resort of Puerto Vallarta.
Earlier this year, a California court convicted and sentenced Luster in absentia to 124 years for multiple counts of rape, poisoning and drug possession involving three women.
The 39-year-old great-grandson of make-up legend Max Factor disappeared in January during his trial.
Police spokesman Sebastian Zavala said Luster had been living in Puerto Vallarta for about a month before bounty hunters tracked him down on Wednesday, seizing him in a noisy scuffle that prompted neighbours to call the police.
With Luster in their custody, the group headed out of town in two cars, apparently on their way to the US, but were stopped by police outside town.
They were taken back to the resort and locked up in cells for several hours before they were eventually handed over to American authorities.
Arrested along with Luster were three bounty hunters and two journalists, all foreigners detained on charges of being in Mexico illegally, Mr Zavala said.
One of the bounty hunters, who identified himself as Duane "Dog" Chapman, shouted to reporters that police were treating them well and asked them to send greetings to his wife.
Mr Zavala said the two television crew members - Tim Chaler and Boris Krutong - worked for the top-rating show America's Most Wanted which had employed the bounty hunters who also included Jeff Darren and Chapman's brother, Leland.
Luster - who stands to inherit $l.7 billion - complained he had been mistreated by the bounty hunters.
"I need help because they are trying to harm me," he said.
Authorities said Luster, who lived off a trust fund and real estate investments, took three women to his home between 1996 and 2000 and raped them after giving them the so-called date-rape drug GHB.
A search of his home after his arrest in 2000 turned up videotapes of Luster having sex with women who appeared to be either asleep or unconscious.
In one tape played in court after he disappeared- Luster is seen on camera having sex with a woman and declaring: "That's exactly what I like in my room - a passed-out beautiful girl."
His lawyers said the sex was consensual, suggesting the women were feigning sleep to help him film pornographic movies.
They also disputed Luster was a fugitive and suggested he could have been abducted or involved in an accident, Barry Novack, a lawyer for one of Luster's alleged victims, said his client was "thrilled" to hear of the arrest.
The woman - whose identity has been suppressed - testified in the criminal case and is suing Luster for sexual assault.
"She has not been able to escape from the torment she went through," Mr Novack said.
"Now we're waiting for justice to be done by bringing him to account for the terrible things he did."

Adelaide Advertiser (20-6-2003)
John Rice- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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