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Paul Luckman aka Nicole Pearce and Robin Reid

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Boy killer Robin Reid refused parole for 5th time

A former army corporal will remain in prison after serving 30 years for the torture and murder of a 13-year-old boy he buried alive in a shallow grave.
Robin Reid, now 63, was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of Peter Alan Aston in 1982 on a beach in northern NSW.
Despite having his sentence cut to 24 years in 1998 and completing the non-parole period in May 2006, the NSW State Parole Authority (SPA) this week refused Reid parole for the fifth time.
The trial judge described the murder as one of the most brutal and callous crimes ever to go before the courts.
Peter Aston and his friend, Terry Ryan, also 13, were hitchhiking at Beenleigh in southeast Queensland when they were picked up by Reid and army private Paul Wayne Luckman.
The boys were handcuffed and driven 60km to an isolated beach near Kingscliff in northern NSW.
Peter was tortured on the beach then buried alive in a shallow grave.
During his horrific ordeal, he was kicked, punched, stripped and hair was cut from his head and pubic region.
Terry was then forced by the men to eat it.
They also forced Terry to perform an indecent act on Peter, who was hit on the head with a shovel and a rifle, tortured with lit cigarettes and had an aerosol spray ignited near his face.
Peter was then repeatedly stabbed while screaming for mercy, had sand shovelled on to his face and was pushed into a shallow grave.
Reid and Luckman were arrested after they dropped Terry off near his home at Beenleigh.
Refusing parole, the SPA this week cited his high risk of re-offending and poor prison performance, including predatory behaviour towards inmates.
"The SPA is concerned Reid has not addressed his offending behaviour," it said in a statement today.
During sentencing it was noted that Reid had an interest in the occult and satanism, and was described as a narcissistic and exhibitionistic with bisexual tendencies.
Luckman, who was treated in jail with female hormones and changed his name to Nicole Louise Pearce, was released on parole in October 1999.
His 16-year non-parole period expired in 1998 and his 24-year full sentence expired in May 2006.

www.theaustralian.com.au (5-4-2012)

Robin Reid being led into Murwillumbah Court on Wednesday, August 11, 1982
Robin Reid being led into Murwillumbah
Court on Wednesday, August 11, 1982
Child murderer to stay in jail

Convicted child murderer Robin Reid will remain behind bars for at least another year, according to the New South Wales parole authority.
It is understood the 61-year-old, serving a life sentence for the sexual assault, torture and murder of 13-year-old schoolboy Peter Aston at south Kingscliff in 1982, will be officially denied parole this week.
The NSW parole authority indicated their intentions to keep the former soldier locked up during a private meeting yesterday.
The convicted killer will be given a chance to ask the board for a review into their reasoning this week.
“It’s unlikely the board will grant the review,” a NSW Corrective Services spokesman said.
“At that point, a date will be set for another hearing in a year’s time.”
Reid is currently incarcerated in maximum security at Goulburn Correctional Centre near Sydney.
He, along with accomplice and fellow soldier Paul Luckman, was found guilty of the murder in November 1982.
On May 4 that year, they abducted Aston and friend Terry Ryan, 12, on the outskirts of Brisbane and drove them at gun and knifepoint over the state border.
Reid and Luckman were 34 and 17 respectively at the time.
They sexually assaulted and tortured Aston for an hour before burying him alive near Kingscliff beach.
Ryan was forced to participate.
The committal hearings were held at Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah courts in August that year before they were committed for trial in the NSW Supreme Court in Grafton.
The murder hearing was eventually transferred to the Sydney Supreme Court where both men were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.
Luckman was freed in 1999 and had a sex-change operation at the expense of the government.
Reid first attempted parole in 2006 when he became eligible.
He tried again unsuccessfully on August 15, 2008.
True crime author and radio host Paul B. Kidd yesterday told the Tweed Daily News he had included the Kingscliff case in his upcoming book, Never To Be Released.
“The case of Reid will be in there as someone who should never be released from prison.
“He should be kept in jail until he dies,” Mr Kidd said.
“It’s excellent news that he will be denied parole once again. He committed what is arguably the most barbaric crime in Australian history.”
“There wasn’t a part of the boy’s young body that wasn’t defiled.”
Mr Kidd previously researched and wrote the story for his 2002 book, Shallow Graves.
Mr Kidd said his new book would be published later this year.

Daily News (6-3-2010)
Patrick Williams

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When They Turn On Each Other

Criminologist Paul Wison reveals that although there may be honor among thieves, there is none among murderers.
One classic case of a falling out was that of former soldiers Paul Luckman and Robin Reid.
These two ghouls committed a horrific murder in tandem. They abducted two 13-vear-old schoolboys on the outskirts of Brisbane and drove them at rifle and knifepoint to northern NSW.
The pair of innocents, Peter Aston and Terry Ryan, were then subjected to degrading, obscene torture before young Peter was killed and buried.
For some reason, Luckman and Reid allowed Terry to go free.
It was a partnership in murder, but when the two men were arrested they blamed each other for the sadistic slaying. In court and after sentencing, Luckman and Reid were at each other's throats. Both were given life sentences.
But in an outrageous twist to the 1981 murder, Luckman was freed and had a sex-change operation at government expense.
Luckman, who claimed he was suffering stress at the time of the murder because he thought his bisexuality would be discovered while he was in army service, now lives in Melbourne as Nicole Pearce.
Killing partnerships never last after the killers are caught, says Prof Wilson.
Double UK killers from the 1960s, Myra Hindley and lan Brady, broke their relationship and dobbed in each other.
So, too, did Fred and Rosemary West, after their House of Horrors crimes in the 1990s.

Sunday Mail (10-9-2000)
Peter Harran

Robin Reid
Robin Reid
Paul Luckman - now Nicole Pearce
Paul Luckman
now Nicole Pearce
Paul Luckman
Paul Luckman

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