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Name: Peter Liddy

Age: 64 yrs old (2011)

State: SA

Sentence: Sentenced in a South Australian court in 2001 to 25 yrs jail/ 18 yrs non parole. Liddy appealed against his sentence again in Nov 2002 but the appeal was rejected.

Offence/Other: Former SA Magistrate.Found guilty of multiple child sex offences (including unlawful sexual intercourse/ indecent assault). Also convicted of trying to bribe one of his victims to give false evidence. Victims were boys.

Court allocates last of items seized from jailed paedophile and former magistrate Peter Liddy

The last items seized by South Australian police from paedophile and former magistrate Peter Liddy have been allocated or will be disposed of.
Liddy was jailed for 25 years, in 2001, for abusing boys during the 1980s.
Police seized items during their investigation, including guns and antiques.
While the Adelaide District Court already had resolved claims on a number of items, some remained with police.
The court now has ordered 17 of the remaining items should be returned to Liddy and 18 given to Channel Seven to pass on to victims.
Channel Seven wanted more items, arguing they were seized from Liddy's wife's home in 2003 as a result of evidence provided by the TV station and private investigators.
But Judge Julie McIntyre said she was not convinced by Channel Seven's claim.
The items will be disposed of by police if no one appeals.

www.abc.net.au (10-7-2013)

Paedophile former SA magistrate Peter Liddy to win back rare coins, firearms upon release from jail

Paedophile magistrate Peter Liddy will be given back valuable coins and firearms when he is released from prison, prompting claims he has manipulated the system to avoid his victims getting access to the dregs of his estate.
District Court judge Julie McIntyre today ruled Liddy should be entitled to receive back a number of items including 18th-century firearms, rare 17th century coins and other historic heirlooms found in shipwrecks.
The items were among possessions seized by police investigating an alleged theft of Liddy's estate after he was jailed in 2001 for a minimum of 18 years for sexually abusing junior lifesavers in the 1980s.
Because no prosecution was ever undertaken into the alleged theft, the items were returned to the Commissioner of Police - who in turn said he had no claim over the items.
Liddy, 63, sought the return of many of the items, as did one of his former victims and Channel 7 - which said it intended to return the proceeds from the sale of the items back to Liddy's victims.
Channel 7 lawyer Peter Campbell said Judge McIntyre's decision to give back some of Liddy's items meant he had "achieved exactly what he attempted to achieve".
Mr Campbell said Liddy had concocted stories that he had given away certain items to his mother or had concealed the belongings to prevent them from being seized when a freezing order was placed on his estate when he was convicted of the sexual offences.
Most of Liddy's $1.3m estate was frittered away in legal bills before his victims ultimately received $10,000 compensation each.
"We are concerned that some of those items will be returned to Mr Liddy, we say it is almost rewarding Mr Liddy for the way in which he sought to move items out of reach of the injunction ... this will allow him to achieve his exact purpose he sought to achieve," Mr Campbell said.
Judge McIntyre adjourned the case until May, when Channel 7 lawyers will argue that they should be granted access to the remainder of the items still in dispute.

www.theaustralian.com.au (3-4-2013)

Convicted paedophile Peter Liddy's victims win compensation

One of the state's longest-running legal sagas has ended, with lawyers for paedophile magistrate Peter Liddy agreeing to compensation payouts for his victims.
Liddy's victims lodged compensation claims in 2001 and have watched as his fortune dwindled from $1.3 million to just $15,000 by June 2010, because of legal fees associated with his criminal trial and appeal.
Two victims and five other men who claimed to have been abused by Liddy will be awarded undisclosed damages after the settlement in the District Court earlier this month.
Liddy, 63, is serving a 25-year sentence, one of the biggest sentences imposed for paedophilia in the state's history.
The victims were entitled to just $10,000 in criminal injuries compensation because the offences occurred in the 1980s, before laws changed allowing a maximum of $50,000 for similar compensation.
Commissioner for Victims Rights Michael O'Connell acted as an intermediary between the parties to help achieve a resolution to the long-running case.
Mr O'Connell said the victims were frustrated or angry that the civil case took more than a decade to resolve.
"Some felt that the delay added further to their sense of injustice," Mr O'Connell said.
Mr O'Connell's intervention helped lead to the Attorney-General exercising discretion and approving ex gratia payments to each victim.
"Furthermore, as Commissioner, given how exceptional these cases are and the need to finalise them, I paid the lawyers' fees that the victims owed for the civil prosecutions and some of the costs associated with the victim-compensation claims," Mr O'Connell said.
Tim Bourne, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, said all were pleased it was over.
In June 2010, Liddy won a permanent stay of a second trial on charges of sexually assaulting boys at Adelaide beaches between 1969 and 1983 when he was in charge of boys involved in surf lifesaving clubs.

www.adelaidenow.com.au (25-7-2012)
Andrew Dowdell

Liddy's old mansion on market for $1.2m

The Kapunda mansion once owned by convicted paedophile Peter Liddy is on the market for $1.2 million.
The circa 1891, 12-room Victorian mansion, called Mount Saint Rose, is set on more than 1.5ha of land and has a decorated history, including time as a school established by the Sisters of St Joseph and as a Catholic convent.
It also is infamous for its association with disgraced magistrate Liddy and convicted conman Terry Stephens, who purchased the property and also its contents for $500,000 in late 2001.
The property was sold to the current owners after Mr Stephens defaulted on his loan in early 2002.
During their ownership, the present owners have completed extensive renovations and stripped the Shenandoah name Liddy gave it during his ownership.
They said yesterday Mount Saint Rose should be recognised for its history long before Liddy's association and it now was a great family home. "We wanted to forget the past and get rid of the (Shenandoah) name," they said. "It was formerly known as Mount Saint Rose and we returned it to Mount Saint Rose with the blessing of the Catholic Church.
"The place was already 100 years old before Liddy got here and it's now just a nice family home."
The vendors said they had spent considerable time and money restoring the property.
"We've spent big dollars renovating the place and everybody says we have done a wonderful job," they said. "It's a unique property with a lot of history ... The most prestigious property in Kapunda."
Agent Julie Standen, of Phil McMahon Real Estate, said the property was a perfect family residence.
"It is a beautiful home and it offers a lot of opportunity to either continue it as a gorgeous family residence or convert it to a bed and breakfast or a function centre," she said.

www.adelaidenow.com.au (16-2-2011)
Ben Hyde

Liddy Under 24hr Prison Cell Watch

Pedophile Peter Liddy is the only prisoner in the state under 24-hour video surveillance.
Liddy's cell in Yatala's G Division is fitted with closed- circuit cameras to allow around-the-clock monitoring because of threats from other prisoners.
The disgraced former magistrate is also deemed to be a suicide risk.
Liddy was jailed in September, 2001, for 25 years and given an 18-year non- parole period.
He was found guilty of six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, three counts of indecent assault and one of offering a bribe to a witness.
The police Child Exploitation Unit is still investigating whether it will lay additional child-sex charges against him.
This stems from a new law that removed the pre-1982 statute of limitations on the prosecution of sex crimes.
Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Rodney said the unit's investigation was ongoing.
"A file will be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions in due course," Sen- Set Rodney said.
Correctional Services Department spokesman Bill Power said only one person in the prison system was subjected to constant monitortng, but that person could not be named.
"Every effort is made to ensure those prisoners assessed as high risk to do no harm, either to themselves or to others, are provided with accommodation and security measures that the department thinks appropriate," he said.
"The department can and does provide 24-hour physical or electronic monitoring of prisoners who are regarded as an extreme risk following a rigorous assessment process." Liddy was defiant when charged in 1999 with sex offences and refused to listen to victim impact statements until legislation was passed to force him to appear.
But by his last court appearance this year - in relation to a defamation case between his former lawyers and a Channel 7 television program - he seemed confused and frail and appeared to fall asleep.
Soon after he was convicted, five of his victims - abused by Liddy when they were under his care as junior lifesavers - lodged claims for compensation through the District Court.
In February the court heard Liddy's fortune, once estimated at $1.3 million, had dwindled to just $58,000 because of legal fees in his attempts to have his conviction overturned by the Supreme Court and High Court.

Adelaide Advertiser (19-6-2004)
Melissa King

No Funds for Liddy's Victims if New Sex Charges Proceed

New sex abuse charges will drain the remnants of pedophile Peter Liddy's personal fortune, leaving no compensation money for his victims, the District Court has heard.
Five men - abused by Liddy while under his care as junior lifesavers - fear they will miss out on long- sought financial compensation if the Director of Public Prosecutions elects to prosecute the disgraced former magistrate on new, 20-year-old allegations. The men - who cannot be identified - are concerned mounting a legal defence will wipe out the last of the former millionaire's assets, estimated to be just $58,000.
In September 2001, Liddy, 57, was jailed for 25 years, with an 18-year non- parole period, for six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, three counts of indecent assault and one count of offering a bribe to a witness.
Soon after, five of his victims lodged claims for Criminal Injuries Compensation through the District Court.
A year later, the court heard Liddy's fortune had dwindled from from $1.3 million to $317,000 in cash and a property at Kadina.
Yesterday, District Court Master Mark Rice heard that just $58,000 of Liddy's money remained, following his unsuccessful attempts to have his conviction overturned by the Supreme and High courts.
But a lawyer for one of the victims said those funds were now likely to be unavailable to his client and others seeking compensation. He had been told by the police Child Exploitation Unit that, in light of new laws, there was "a prospect of further charges being brought against Liddy".
The lawyer said more allegations against Liddy had come to light since legislation was enacted to remove the pre-1982 statute of limitations on the prosecution of sex crimes. A report compiled by police detectives was to be received by the Director of Public Prosecutions this week, he said.
The lawyer said if Liddy had to defend himself against more charges, he would likely use the remaining $58,000 after which "the well will certainly be dry".
Master Rice also heard Liddy had retained new legal counsel, who asked for an adjournment. He adjourned the matter until April.

Adelaide Advertiser (11-2-2004)
Sean Fewster

Liddy, 2 Others Struck Off

Three lawyers, including disgraced Adelaide Magistrate Peter Liddy, were struck off the legal practioners roll in 2003.
Also barred by the Full Court of the Supreme Court was Nicole Erika Ann De Souza, for falsifying her qualifications.
"(Ms De Souza) appears to have obtained her admission in this state by false and misleading information about her professional qualifications," the court judgement says.
Scott Malcolm Trueman was struck off for failing to communicate with clients, not complying with instructions and lying to clients.
Trueman had been sufferin gmental illness.
Liddy is serving 25 years' jail, with an 18-year non parole period, for indecent assault and unlawful sexual intercourse against teenage boys and for offering a benefit to a witness to secure a false testimony.

Sunday Mail (21-12-2003)

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