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Name: Peter Norris Dupas

Age: 58 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC

Sentence: Sentenced in 1994 to 3 yrs 9 months jail - 2 yrs 9 months non parole.. Sentenced in August 2000 in the VIC Supreme Court to life in jail.

Offence/Other: Peter Norris Dupas/Repeat Offender..Current conviction for the brutal murder of a young woman (Nicole Patterson)..Is now on the Victorian Sex Offender Registry which will be linked to a National database tracking sex offenders interstate and overseas.. Has priors for rape and the abduction of women.

News-TRIPLE murderer Peter Dupas - a sex monster who mutilates women after stabbing them - could go down as one of the nation's worst serial killers as police step up investigations into the unsolved stabbing murders of three other women..Read more below.


Above- Pics Peter Dupas

Pic: Peter Dupas

SPECIAL REPORT: The transition of Peter Norris Dupas from peeping tom to rapist to murderer was so predictable it was almost inevitable-
"At a fundamental level, as human beings, you present for us the awful, threatening and unanswerable question - how did you come to be as you are?"
- Justice Frank Vincent, sentencing Dupas for the murder of Nicole Patterson, 2000.
Read more- Vicious serial Peter Dupas is the beast who roamed free to rape and kill - Herald Sun- (21-12-2012)

Police granted interview up to five hours with serial killer Peter Dupas over death of Kathleen Downes

Detectives have been granted a maximum of five hours to interview serial killer Peter Dupas over the stabbing death of grandmother Kathleen Downes.
A magistrate this morning granted police the time to speak to Dupas behind bars at Barwon Prison over the 95-year-old's murder.
Det-Sgt Michael Daly told the Melbourne Magistrates Court Dupas was a prime suspect over the 1997 killing.
He said information provided to police by former lawyer Andrew Fraser had sparked the need to reinterview Dupas who has been quizzed over the killing in 2001.
For several years police have been progressing historical cases against Dupas, who is the prime suspect in the murders of Mrs Downes and Renita Brunton.
Mrs Downes, 95, was murdered in a Brunswick nursing home in 1997.
One theory investigators believe may have motivated Dupas to kill Mrs Downes was that he resented the hours his girlfriend, a nurse, worked at another home.
Detective Daly told the court investigations had found Dupas' home phone was used to contact Mrs Downes' nursing home on two occassions in November 1997.
The court heard another call was allegedly made on New Years' Eve that year, just two hours before Mrs Downes was stabbed to death.
The first time the triple killer was interviewed over the murder in August 2001 he refused to comment.
Dupas was today reminded that he was not obliged to answer detectives' questions and that his right to remain silent was not affected.
His lawyer said he had raised concerns about being removed from Barwon Prison but was reassured that any interview would be conducted at the jail.
Fraser helped convict Dupas over the stabbing death of Mersina Halvagis when he testified Dupas had confessed killing her to him in a jailhouse pantomime.
Fraser also told investigators Dupas indicated to him that "they will never get me for that" in reference to the murder of Mrs Downes.
Dupas allegedly referred to Ms Downes as "the other old sheila down the road" to Fraser while discussing the Halvagis murder at Fawkner Cemetery.
Mr Fraser and Dupas were inmates in a Port Phillip Prison protection unit at the time.
Mrs Downes was a resident at the Brunswick Lodge nursing home when an intruder stabbed her to death at 6.30am on December 31, 1997 - almost two months after the murder of Ms Halvagis.
The Director of Public Prosecutions is expected to review the case if significant new evidence is found.
Dupas is also a suspect in the killing of Helen McMahon - who may have been his first murder victim.
Mrs Downes' three children have campaigned for Dupas to be charged and tried or for an inquest to be held over their mother's murder Dupas is regarded as one of Victoria's worst serial killers.
He is serving concurrent life sentences over the murders of Nicole Paterson and Margaret Maher.

www.news.com.au (30-7-2013)

Serial killer Peter Dupas cops a beating in Barwon Prison
Peter Dupas pictured arriving at the Supreme Court

SERIAL killer Peter Dupas was taken to hospital by paramedics after a jailhouse beating yesterday.
Dupas suffered head injuries after being attacked at the maximum security Barwon Prison, near Geelong.
It is believed Dupas is being held in a protection section. Corrections authorities have assessed that he is at risk of being attacked in mainstream sections of the prison because of the nature of his crimes.
It is unclear what sparked yesterday's violence. A Corrections Victoria spokesman yesterday declined to comment on the identity of the attack victim.
"A 58-year-old prisoner was treated in hospital for minor injuries following an incident at Barwon Prison. He has since been returned to the prison," the spokesman said.
Dupas is currently appealing his conviction over the murder of Mersina Halvagis at Fawkner Cemetery on November 1, 1997.
He was, in November last year, found guilty for the second time of having murdered Ms Halvagis.

Herald Sun 6-6-2011
Mark Buttler

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Peter Dupas Linked To Six Brutal Slayings

TRIPLE murderer Peter Norris Dupas - a sex monster who mutilates women after stabbing them - could go down as one of the nation's worst serial killers as police step up investigations into the unsolved stabbing murders of three other women.
Dupas - who first stabbed a woman when he was 15 years old and has multiple rape convictions - was found guilty by a Victorian Supreme Court jury yesterday of stabbing 25-year-old Mersina Halvagis almost 40 times in a Melbourne cemetery in 1997 as the 25-year-old tended her grandmother's grave.
Police suspect Dupas - whose jailyard confession to a disgraced solicitor gave detectives the evidence they needed to lay charges - also stabbed to death 47-year-old Helen McMahon in 1985, 31-year-old Renita Brunton in 1993, and 95-year-old Kathleen Downes in 1997.
He was given two life sentences with no minimum for killing psychotherapist Nicole Patterson in 1999 and prostitute Margaret Maher in 1997.
Women mutilated, breasts cut off
Both women were repeatedly stabbed and then mutilated.
Nicole Patterson's breasts were cut off by the serial killer and Margaret Maher's breast was sliced off and placed in her mouth before she was dumped by the side of the road.
Police believe McMahon - a mother of four stabbed on Rye beach on the Victoria's Mornington Penisula while sunbathing - was Dupas's first murder victim.
Injuries to the 47-year-old were trademark Dupas, with stab wounds concentrated around the breasts and a blow inflicted to the right side of the head.
A 1969 incident in which someone broke into a mortuary at Melbourne's Austin Hospital and mutilated the bodies of two elderly women has also been linked to Dupas, with a slash on the thigh of one of the bodies bearing a strong resemblance to a wound on Patterson's thigh.
Dupas's conviction yesterday ended a 10-year battle for justice for her parents, George and Christina Halvagis, who wept in court as the verdict was brought down and swore outside court that Dupas would "rot in hell".
Christina Halvagis thanked God and quietly spoke her daughter's name as an expressionless Dupas was led from the dock.
Killer 'laughed in court'
Outside court, she spoke bitterly of the killer's demeanour during the trial.
"He laughed, he laughed," Mrs Halvagis said. "God will pay him. He will rot in hell."
The former solicitor, convicted drug smuggler Andrew Roderick Fraser, now stands to gain a large chunk of the $1 million reward put up by police for any information that led to a conviction for Halvagis's murder.
Fraser told the court that a sweating, trembling Dupas spontaneously leapt from his bed in a jail cell in Fulham prison in 2002 and performed a "pantomime" of Halvagis's murder in front of the solicitor.
The killer also stashed weapons in the prison gardens, where the two men worked.
At one point when Fraser discovered a homemade knife, Dupas weighed it up in his hands and chanted "Mersina, Mersina".
Supporting evidence presented to the jury revealed that Dupas had attempted to change his appearance after the murder, requesting a new hairstyle and ordering new glasses.
Witnesses placed him at the graveyard in the mid-afternoon of November 1, with one woman telling a jury she felt a "presence" while standing by a relative's grave, and was so chilled by the man, who resembled Dupas, that she fled the graveyard.
Judge Philip Cummins scheduled a pre-sentence plea hearing for August 17.

The Australian (10-8-2007)
Natasha Robinson

Rot In Hell, Mother Tells Dupas

Triple killer Peter Dupas will "rot in hell" after he was found guilty today of the frenzied stabbing murder of Mersina Halvagis, the Melbourne woman's mother said.
A jury took a day and a half to find Dupas guilty of stabbing 25-year-old Ms Halvagis more than 30 times in her chest and stomach as she tended her grandmother's grave at Fawkner Cemetery on November 1, 1997.
The verdict was met with gasps and cheers from Ms Halvagis' family in the Victorian Supreme Court.
Her father George Halvagis burst into tears while Dupas remained motionless in the dock.
The victim's mother Christina broke down outside court, saying Dupas had laughed during the trial.
"He laughed, he laughed,'' a weeping Mrs Halvagis said.
"He will rot in hell, he will rot in hell.''
Nick Halvagis described how difficult it was to be in the same room as the man who killed his sister.
"You have got to think for five weeks we sat opposite a guy who has now been convicted of three murders of innocent women,'' he said.
"I don't know how any person could sit in that room with the lowest form of human existence and not get angry.
Dupas, 54, formerly of Pascoe Vale, had pleaded not guilty.
In an unusual move, Justice Philip Cummins told the jury at the outset of the trial that Dupas was convicted in 2000 of the murder of Nicole Patterson and in 2004 of the murder of Margaret Maher.
But jurors were not told Dupas is serving two life sentences without parole for the two women's murders.
The crown's star witness was convicted drug smuggler and disgraced solicitor, Andrew Fraser, who told the court Dupas confessed to Ms Halvagis' murder while the pair were in Port Phillip Prison.
He said Dupas performed a jail cell "pantomime'' of how he killed Ms Halvagis, which Mr Fraser re-enacted for jurors.
Mr Fraser said Dupas told him he left no forensic traces at the cemetery and chanted "Mersina, Mersina'' while cradling a knife.
Aside from Mr Fraser, the prosecution relied on three witnesses placing a man matching Dupas's description at the cemetery on the day Ms Halvagis was stabbed.
Prosecutor Colin Hillman, SC, told the jury Dupas changed his glasses and hair after the crime.
Supervising investigator Jeff Maher told reporters outside court he was relieved at today's guilty verdict.
Mr Maher praised the Halvagis family for their behaviour throughout the 10-year investigation and the trial.
"I would like to compliment George (Halvagis) on the way he has conducted himself right through not only the police investigations but throughout the trial,'' he said.
"It's been a long and winding road and I'm glad it's over.''
Justice Cummins adjourned the matter for a pre-sentence hearing on August 17.

AAP (9-8-2007)

Dupas Charged Over Cemetery Stabbing

PETER Norris Dupas will face a Melbourne court today charged over the 1997 murder of Mersina Halvagis, who was stabbed to death at a suburban cemetery.
A Victoria Police spokesman said police today served papers on Dupas southwest of Melbourne.
Dupas, 52, is due to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court at 2pm (AEST) today via video link.
On August 1, a coroner adjourned the inquest into Ms Halvagis's death to give police more time to continue their nine-year investigation into the case.
Ms Halvagis was stabbed fatally in the Fawkner cemetery while tending her grandmother's grave on November 1, 1997.
The Director of Public Prosecutions, Paul Coghlan, QC, requested the adjournment, telling the coroner inquiries were continuing in the case.

AAP (11-9-2006)

Prostitute Killer Loses Appeal

CONVICTED double murderer Peter Norris Dupas lost an appeal today against his second conviction and life sentence.
Dupas, 51, was jailed for life without parole in August last year for the murder of prostitute Margaret Maher.
The 40-year-old's partially clad body was found in a pile of rubbish at Somerton on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula on October 4, 1997.
Dupas appealed on the grounds that similar evidence regarding his conviction and life sentence in August 2000 for the murder of 28-year-old psychotherapist Nicole Amanda Patterson should not have been allowed.
Ms Patterson's mutilated body was found at her Northcote home in April 1999.
The three judges of the Victorian Court of Appeal were united in their decision to reject the appeal today.
Justice David Harper said once the jury was satisfied Ms Maher was murdered, the question of the identity of the murderer became the sole issue.
"The inference that the man who mutilated the body of Nicole Patterson was the same person who had earlier mutilated the body of Margaret Maher is supported by the underlying unity in the extraordinary nature of the method and incidents surrounding the two cases," he said.
"Thus supported, the inference becomes so strong as to be capable of removing any reasonable doubt."
And Chief Justice Marilyn Warren said the jury had been correctly directed by the trial judge.
"It is only in extreme cases that pre-trial media coverage will cause a miscarriage of justice to the point where jury directions will not suffice," she said in her judgment.
The decision was welcomed by George Halvagis, whose 25-year-old daughter Mersina was stabbed to death at the Fawkner cemetery in Melbourne's north, almost eight years ago.
A police review of that murder has examined evidence linking Dupas to the scene of the crime.
The investigation into his daughter's death was continuing, he said.

AAP (26-8-2005)

Inquest To Focus On Known Killer

It took less than a minute for the long-awaited inquest on Mersina Halvagis to get to the heart of the matter.
Eight years and 20 days after her death, the state's Director of Public Prosecutions, Paul Coghlan, QC, told the court the date Ms Halvagis was born and the date she was brutally murdered.
Then he formally announced that Peter Dupas, 52, was the principal suspect and most of the evidence during the inquest would centre on him.
It was unusual, Mr Coghlan said, to have an inquest with such a "relatively narrow focus", but Dupas appeared to be the only visible suspect.
Mr Coghlan carefully explained that, as things stood, he was not satisfied enough admissible evidence to charge Dupas with Ms Halvagis's murder.
It remained to be seen what the coroner made of the evidence he would be hearing from more than 70 witnesses.
Dupas, twice convicted killer and serial rapist, has refused to answer questions from police and is unlikely to appear.
But Mr Coghlan, who took the unusual course of assisting State Coroner Graeme Johnstone himself, said Ms Halvagis's family has already waited eight years and it was important to finally bring the matter into the public domain.
The family's sole interest, he told the court, was the truth.
George and Christins Halvagis, in the black mourning clothes they've worn for eight years, had plenty of support as they braced themselves to hear sordid details of their daughter's lonely death.
They were surrounded by family, friends and other crime victims, including the parents and sister of one of Dupas's known murder vicitms, psychotherapist Nicole Patterson, killed in 1999.
The coroner suggested Mersina's family might spare themselves the agony of listening to medical evidence of their daughter's wound, but Mrs Halvagis refused to budge.
Head bowed, dabbing at her eyes with a white handkercheif, she insisted on hearing.
Mr Coghlan stressed that matters such as witness identifications and the similarities of injuries suffered by Ms Halvagis and Dupas's two known victims needed to be approached with caution.
He urged anyone with information to come forward and claim the $1 million reward on offer.
Mr Coghlan said evidence would be called from witnesses at the cemetery on November 1, 1997, who saw a suspicious or threatening male, including a woman who created a photofit strongly resembling Dupas.
Forensic pathologist Prof David Ranson told the inquest attacks on three women- Ms Halvagis, Ms Patterson and a woman Dupas was convicted of killing in 1997, prostitute Margaret Maher- focused on the chest, with specific mutilation of Ms Patterson and Ms Maher a significant feature.
Prof Ranson said such mutilation was not present in Ms Halvagis's case and conceded it was a "striking difference."
Mr Johnstone asked Prof Ranson to review the Patterson and Maher cases with the pathologist who did their autopsies to compare any similarities.
Mr Johnstone was at pains to emphasise that the hearing was a coronial inquiry, an investigation into a death. But at the end of the day, and for 13 more days over the next four weeks, there is only one man in the frame for Mersina Halvagis's savage and solitary death.

Herald Sun (29-11-2005)
Geoff Wilkinson/ Elissa Hunt

Rapist Should Not Have Been Let Out

THE family of a victim of sex fiend Peter Dupas yesterday renewed their call for mandatory minimum sentences for repeat sex offenders.
The mother of Nicole Patterson, who was murdered and mutilated by the serial rapist. said Dupas should never have been free to kill.
Dupas was yesterday sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for the mutilation murder of Margaret Maher in 1997. He was already serving a life term with no release far Ms Patterson's murder in 1999.
Ms Patterson's mother, Pam O'Donnell. said her daughter and Ms Maher paid the ultimate price for lenient, treatment of Dupas, who had three convictions for rape before his first known murder.
Mrs O'Donnell, who led a public campaign four years ago, said she was bitter that nothing had been done since to improve sentencing of serial offenders.
"More than 10,000 people took the time to write or phone then to send a message to the Attorney-General about lenient sentencing, but nothing's changed," she said.
Mrs O'Donnell said her daughter and Margaret Maher had paid the ultimate price for lenient treatment of Dupas, who had three convictions for rape before his first murder.
Dupas, 51, served a total of less than 18 years in jail for his three rape sentences before he killed Ms Maher and Ms Patterson.
Justice Stephen Kaye said yesterday Dupas had a 30-year history of "wanton and despicable acts of violence to defenceless women".
The judge said Dupas had displayed "an abominable and despicable disposition to repeatedly violate the basic rights of women in our community".
He told Dupas there was no prospect of his rehabilitation, and nothing had been advanced to suggest there was "even the faintest glimmer of hope for him.
"It is clear, both in the present case and from your previous convictions for rape and like offences, that your offending is connected with a need by you to vindicate a perverted and sadistic hatred of women and a contempt for them and their right to live," Justice Kaye said.
He told Dupas, who showed no emotion as he was sentenced, that he was responsible for a disgusting display of loathing for Ms Maher and contempt for her dignity.
Ms Maher's body was found dumped by the side of a road in Somerton on October 4, 1997, with her left breast cut off and placed in her mouth.
Mrs 0'Donnell said outside court Dupas should never have been able to kill her daughter and Ms Maher.
He is also suspected of murdering two other women - Mersina Halvagis and Kathleen Downes - in the months following Ms Maher's death.
Mrs O'Donnell thanked Director of Public Prosecutions Paul Coghlan, QC, for "having the gumption lo take Margaret's case to trial".
The DPP directly presented Dupas for trial at the Supreme Court despite magistrate Phillip Goldberg's decision last August that a jury could not be satisfied he murdered Ms Maher.
"I'm just so thankful the DPP could see how evil Dupas was and send it for trial." Mrs O'Donnell said.
"But why was he even out there to kill our girls?"

Herald Sun (17-8-2004)
Geoff Wilkinson

Crimes Of Peter Dupas

1- Case- rape - Date: Nov 5,1973 - Arrested: Nov 30,1973 - Sentence: 9 yrs/ Served: 5 yrs, 8 mths

2- Case- rape - Date: Nov 9,1979 (2 mths after release) - Arrested: Nov 19,1979 - Sentence; 6'/s yrs/ Served: 5 yrs, 3 mths

3- Case- rape - Date: March 3, 1985 (4 days after release) - Arrested: Same day - Sentence: 12 yrs/ Served: 7 years

4- Case- false imprisonment - Date: Jan 3,1994 (1 yr, 10 months after release) - Arrested: Same day - Sentence: 3 yrs, 9 mths/ Served: 2 yrs, 9 mths

5- Case- murder (nicole patterson) - Date: April 19,1999 (2 yrs, 7 mths after release) - Arrested: April 22,1999 - Convicted: Aug 15, 2000 - Sentence: Life/ no minimum

6- Case- murder (margaret maher) - Date: Oct4, 1997 (12 mths after release) - Charged: Oct 2, 2002 - Sentence: Life/ no minimum

Most Evil Predator

CONVICTED killer Peter Dupas was yesterday found guilty of a second murder, betrayed by his grisly habit of cutting off his victims' breasts.
After the verdict, police revealed Dupas was under investigation for two more murders.
A Victorian Supreme Court jury took less than a day to convict Dupas of the mutilation murder of 40-year-old prostitute Margaret Maher.
The guilty verdict was greeted with a jubilant shout of "Yeah" from a relative of 28-year-old Nicole Amanda Patterson, a psychotherapist, whose mutilated body was discovered in her Northcote home in April 1999.
Dupas was convicted of Miss Patterson's murder in August 2000.
Yesterday, Dupas exclaimed, "it's a kangaroo court" after the verdict, before being led from the court by prison officers.
At the scan of the three week trial, the jury was asked to considcr the similarities in the mutilation of the two women.
The body of Miss Patterson was found at her Northcole home on April 19, 1999, with both her breasts severed.
Ms Maher's body, discovered in rubbish on Cliffords Road, Somerton, on the Mornington Peninsula on October 4, 1997, had similar injuries.
Her left breast and been cut off and placed in her mouth.
The jury was not told Dupas is already serving a life sentence with no prospect of parole for the murder of Miss Patterson.
Neither could it be disclosed that Dupas was a serial rapist with convictions dating back to 1974.
Outside the court, Detective Inspector Greg Hough said he would be having talks with the Director of Public Prosecutions about other murder cases.
"There are other matters, publicly known, that have been investigated," he said. "Those issues will be reviewed and I will have a further discussion with the Director of Public Prosecutions ..."
Two of the cases being considered are the 1997 graveyard murder of Mersina Halvagis, 25, and Mrs Kathleen Downes, a 95-year-old great grandmother, killed in a Brunswick nursing home, also in 1997.
Miss Patterson's sister, Kylie Nicholas described Dupas as "the most evil predator".
A pre-sentencing hearing will be held today before trial judge, justice Stephen Kaye.

Geelong Advertiser (12-8-2004)
Stuart Walsh

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