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Rapist pleads guilty

A low-IQ alcoholic who raped an elderly Burnie woman and left her half- naked and unable to move will be sentenced on December 11.
Phillip Baldock yesterday pleaded guilty to one count each of rape and aggravated burglary.
He was caught out by DNA evidence the Supreme Court in Burnie, heard.
The crimes took place earlier this year.
Crown prosecutor Linda Mason said the woman was at home making her dinner when she heard a noise.
She went to investigate and saw a man she did not know.
That was Baldock.
He told her he was looking for his dog and asked if she had seen it.
She walked out, Miss Mason said, and Baldock slapped her face, pushed her to the floor, partially undressed her, raped her and slapped her face again when she tried to yell.
He left her lying there, where she was later found.
Police conducted a search of the area, Miss Mason said, and located Baldock a few doors away.
He told them he had been drinking and had stopped where they found him to urinate.
There was no reason for police to question that, Miss Mason said, and they let him go.
They later went to his address with a search warrant after DNA evidence came back.
They interviewed him for nearly two hours.
He denied any connection with the rape for about 80 minutes, then police explained the DNA evidence linking him to the crime.
Miss Mason said: "He said `I will admit I done it, I was pretty drunk'."
"I don't remember a lot because I was drunk."
Miss Mason said the impact of the crime had been significant to the victim and to her family.
Miss Mason told Chief Justice Alan Blow Baldock left the victim in a vulnerable state without recourse to help.
Tamara Jago, for Baldock, said he was ashamed and disgusted by his crime.
She said he had a significant history of criminality, but no previous history of sexual offences.
Miss Jago said Baldock was a low-IQ alcoholic and more likely than not to have a neurological impairment due to his alcoholism.
Baldock (42 at the time of the rape) had poor impulse control and limited ability to understand and comply with normal social expectations.
She said he had lived a very lonely and dysfunctional life since becoming an adult and has sometimes lived on the streets, in parks and so on.
He had been reliant on Centrelink payments all his adult life and was in public housing and had no friends at the time of the crime.
Miss Jago said he estimated he had consumed two 375mm bottles of spirits and 12 stubbies of beer before the crime.
She said he did not know whose house it was when he went there and had no memory of slapping the woman.
Baldock has been in jail since police interviewed him.
Miss Jago said jail would help with his alcoholism and had given him the most social contact he had had in his adult life.
Justice Blow remanded Baldock in custody until December 11 for sentencing.

www.theadvocate.com.au (23-11-2013)

Elderly woman unable to return to home after rape

A Tasmanian court has heard that an elderly woman who was raped in her home has been unable to return to the house.
Burnie man Phillip Kevin Baldock, aged 42, has admitted raping the woman in her South Burnie home in July.
Baldock had previously pleaded not guilty to rape and aggravated burglary.
He changed his plea to guilty when he appeared in the Supreme Court.
The prosecution told the court the crime had a significant impact on the woman who is in her 80s, as well as on her family who had to deal with the aftermath.
The woman's memories of having a family and retiring in the house had been tainted by the incident.
She had not returned and now lived in an aged care facility.
Baldock has been in custody since July and will be sentenced at a later date.

www.abc.net.au (22-11-2013)

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