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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.


In Australia the general Public (YOU) are NOT provided with access to Sex Offender Registries by the Federal or State government/s..

Most of you would agree with us that jail is the best place for convicted sex offenders.. the FACT is that many thousands of sexual offenders already live in
"unsuspecting communities" including near schools/playgrounds etc..

Its no secret that sex offenders especially paedophiles are likely to re/offend so Public AWARENESS is very IMPORTANT to PREVENTION..


The MAKO/Files Online are Australia's 1st Free Public "Paedophile/ Sex offender registry", and currently list  thousands of offenders nationwide (Not a complete list of offenders).. 98%+  of the offenders listed in the "MAKO/Files Online"  and "MAKO/Files Online Within The Church " have been convicted by a court of law..
(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/ NOT only child sexual abuse)

A typical online MAKO/File may include the offenders name, age (2008), photo where possible, occupation, offence/s committed, sentence received by the court and the last known location MAKO can verify.


Search MAKO/Files Online-
The 'MAKO/ Files Online'- Listing Australian sex offenders/ paedophiles/ Child Killers.
You can search offenders by 'State/ Territory'/ alphabetically/ 'Surname'.
Not a complete list of offenders...
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The 'MAKO/ Files Online WTC' - Listing Australian sex offenders/ paedophiles/ Child Killers who have offended within religious circles.
You can search offenders by 'State/ Territory'/ alphabetically/ 'Surname'.
Not a complete list of offenders Within The Church...

Wanted Offenders (below)

Hunt for attackers - West End rape - QLD(16-4-2011) Images of wanted suspects
Victim was a woman
Vic- Ringwood (22-4-2011)
Images of wanted suspect
Victim was a woman
VIC- Parkville (28-4-2011)
Images of wanted suspect
Victim was a woman
VIC- Clayton (2011)
Images of wanted suspect
Victim - 86yr old woman
VIC - Hoppers Crossing
Images of wanted suspect
Victim - 12yr old girl


The FBI (USA) - List of Sex Offender Registry Websites

MAKO - The call to name and shame pedophiles (23-6-2014)
Review of sex offender law announced as serial rapist TJDí charged with breach days after release
'Jessica's Law' protecting rapists and paedophiles
WA passes law to register sex offenders
Child Protection (Nicole's Law) Bill 2009 (NSW)
Judges have been warned not to ignore the will of the people
Tracking Plan For Worst Crims
23 Sex Fiends Living Among Us (22-10-2009)
Public Shame File Plea
Freedom For Child-Sex Predator
Child Sex Register Bid
Sex Hit List For WA
Sex Offender Can Live Next To Victim
Call For Criminal List On Ships
Sex Offenders To Face Indefinite Jail
Anger At Lack Of Pedophile Listing
Sex-List Check Over Abduction Bids
Plea To Protect Kids (19-8-2005)
Pedophiles Tracked On Register (12-7-2005)
ACT Child-Sex Offenders Register Set Up (24-6-2005)
Pedophile Register Given Boost (2-5-2005)
QLD To List 1,500 On National Child Sex Offender
Parents Have The Right to Know
Victims and Suicide
Child Protection Group Wants Paedophile Laws Tightened
We'll Hunt You Down, Rann Warns Pedophiles
Paedophile Register To Reveal Secrets
Region High On Child Sex Register
S.A Paedophile Register
Green Light For Paedophile Register(3-1-2003)
Sarah's Law
Prevention In Action
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MAKO- Members receive a list of thousands of offenders nationwide..

Australian National Child (sex) Offender Register- ANCOR
CrimTrac is responsible for the ongoing delivery of the child offender register services and the development of technologies that support the management of child offenders and the investigation of child exploitation. Under ANCOR, people convicted of sexual or other serious offences against children will be required to register with police and provide details such as club memberships and even travel plans. The ANCOR list of offenders is not available to the public.

Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Bill
Anger at lack of paedophile listings
National Child Protection Initiative

Victorian sex offenders register growing by 500 people a year

Victoria's sex offenders register is growing by 500 people a year and has reached almost 4000, according to statistics released this morning.
Figures from the Victorian Register of Sex Offenders, established in 2004, had not previously been released.
Acting Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright said he believed that making the figures public would help reassure the community.
There were 3,977 sex offenders on the register by mid-2011.
The figures reveal 502 failures to comply with reporting obligations during the last financial year. There were also an additional 13 instances where offenders provided false or misleading information and one case where an offender worked in a child-related job.
"Four thousand (registered sex offenders), by anyone's standard, is a large number, so it is a concern," Mr Cartwright told reporters in Melbourne today.
"These people, I suppose, are like a nuclear waste dump or a waste dump in a suburban area ... no one wants them in their backyard.
"These people will live in our community, it's just a question of how we best manage that to protect our vulnerable people."
Mr Cartwright said the majority of those registered were men and the majority of their crimes were against children, usually their own relatives.
"We're not talking about people prowling the streets," said Mr Cartwright.
Mr Cartwright said the rapid growth in the number of convicted offenders on the register had to do with people becoming more confident in reporting assaults and adults reporting historic attacks against them.
He said Victoria Police had focussed heavily on sex offenders over the past 18 months with the matter considered a priority by Chief Commissioner Ken Lay and his predecessor Simon Overland.
The resources allocated to the register were doubled last year, he said, with the training of an additional 500 police compliance officers.
The doubling of staff created a better capacity to determine which offenders posed the biggest risks and where police efforts should be focussed, he said.
Police were prevented by law from publishing further details, such as the names of offenders, Mr Cartwright said.
The state government last year asked the Victorian Law Reform Commission to review the registration of sex offenders and the use of information about them.
The final report was handed to the government on December 22.
A government spokeswoman said the government would give the report full consideration before responding.
The report will be tabled in parliament by mid-2012.

AAP (15-1-2012)
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