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The 'MAKO/Files' Online and MAKO/Files Online WTC are Australia's 1st " FREE PUBLIC" Paedophile/Sex offender registries, and collectively list/ name over 2000 offenders nationwide, with more offenders being added on a regular basis.. 98+% of offenders listed in the MAKO/Files Online and MAKO/Files Online- (WTC) have been convicted by a court of law.
(The MAKO/Files Online also lists Child Killers and individuals convicted of other forms of child abuse/NOT only child sexual abuse)

A typical Online MAKO/File (offenders file) may include the offenders name,age(2008),photo where possible,occupation,offence-s committed,sentence received by the court, and last known location-
(last known location is taken from time of offenders offence/sentence,unless otherwise stated).

Not only can the MAKO/Files online be used by the Australian PUBLIC to better protect themselves and their CHILDREN/ families from proven sex offenders, they have many other benefits, including..

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Age: 60 yrs old (2013)

State: QLD - Brisbane

Sentence: Sentenced to Life in jail in 2000..Lost his bid for a re-trial in March 2005.. Ali can apply for parole from August 2014.

Offence/Other: Raymond Akhtar Ali/Child Killer..Ali bashed his newborn daughter to death in 1998 and dismembered her body..the baby's mother, Amanda Leanne Blackwell, 22, was found guilty of manslaughter.

"Baby killer denied appeal chance" (3-3-2008)
Ali, a butcher who specialised in preparing halal meats for other Muslims, bashed Chahleen Amy Blackwell to death minutes after her birth beside a tank stand at a property at Logan Village, south of Brisbane, in September 1998. The court was told he dismembered the infant, removing the reproductive organs, in the same fashion that he killed goats for halal customers - Read more below.
Raymond Akhtar Ali - child killer

Convicted baby killer to keep prison food compensation

It's usually a case of double or nothing, but convicted baby killer Raymond Akhtar Ali has experienced the opposite in his quest for compensation over a prison food bungle.
Ali has failed in his bid to get twice as much compensation - and the Queensland government has lost an appeal to deny his payout.
So he'll get to keep $3000 for being forced to eat vegetables rather than halal meat for four months in prison.
Ali was awarded the compensation last year after a Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal member found prison staff told him halal food wasn't available when it was.
The decision outraged Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie who vowed to appeal as it defied logic to award a "monster" $3000.
The state argued the tribunal should never have made a discrimination finding because Ali was fed a vegetarian diet as a result of a misunderstanding.
But the tribunal ruled Ali should keep his compensation.
"Whilst there was no suggestion of any lasting effect on the respondent's health, the nature of the discrimination cannot be dismissed lightly," the judgment published on Wednesday said.
In a separate decision, the tribunal dismissed Ali's appeal to have his compensation doubled.
He said he deserved $6000 because the tribunal should have found he was deliberately denied halal meals.
But his argument wasn't successful.
"It seems plainly enough open to conclude that something had miscarried within the system," the judgment said.
This could have been an error, miscommunication or breakdown in the system, the tribunal found.
Ali is serving a life sentence for savagely bashing his newborn daughter to death in 1998 before cutting her body in half and burying it at his Logan Village home.
His compensation will be paid into a victim trust fund, which can attract claims from victims and other agencies.

www.brisbanetimes.com.au (4-6-2014)

Grandmother says baby killer Raymond Akhtar Ali should 'rot in hell' after winning $3000 compo

The grandmother of a baby girl who was murdered and cut up by her father says the killer should "rot in hell" and never get $3000 compensation for being fed vegetables in jail.
Helen Blackwell said her granddaughter Chahleen, who was killed by her father Raymond Akhtar Ali in 1998, would have been 15 next month if she had lived.
State to appeal baby killer's compo
Mrs Blackwell said although her daughter Amanda now was happily married and had children, she still missed her little girl.
"Chahleen is the only daughter she ever had,'' Mrs Blackwell said.
Ali, a Muslim, was awarded the $3000 discrimination compensation because for four months at Maryborough Correctional Centre he was fed a vegetarian diet, instead of halal food.
He was sentenced to life in prison in 2000, after he bashed his newborn daughter to death, dismembered her and buried her body on a property near his Logan Village home.
Mrs Blackwell said she hoped the State Government would win an appeal in the Court of Appeal, announced yesterday by Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie.
Mr Bleijie said the Government had preliminary legal advice it had "good prospects'' of success in an appeal against "monster'' Ali's compensation award.
"We will be doing everything we can to ensure this matter is sorted out," Mr Bleijie said.
He said Premier Campbell Newman and other Queenslanders were "shocked and appalled" at the compensation order.
Mr Bleijie said it would cost more than $3000 to appeal the order, but said it was a matter of principle.
"He's bitching because he didn't get meat,'' Mrs Blackwell said of Ali. "I can't claim compensation. I still suffer from the loss of my granddaughter.''
Mrs Blackwell said Amanda had been only 20 when she had Chahleen and the loss of her baby had had "a hell of an effect'' on her.
"It's coming up to her 15th birthday,'' Mrs Blackwell said. "Every year there is a birthday without her. I miss her and my daughter misses her,'' Mrs Blackwell said.
Amanda Blackwell became pregnant to Ali, a butcher, while working for him and living in his house with Ali's wife and son.
Mrs Blackwell believes her "inexperienced and naive'' daughter, who didn't know how to protect herself, was "brainwashed'' into becoming Ali's sex slave.
Blackwell was found guilty of manslaughter in 2000. Her four-year jail sentence was suspended after nine months.
The State Government has to pay Ali's compensation into a victim trust fund, but he can get the money if there are no claims from victims, child support agencies or for any debts he owes.

www.couriermail.com.au (16-8-2013)
Kay Dibben/ Greg Stolz

Outrage at 'monster' baby killer Raymond Akhtar Ali's $3000 compensation after prison serves him vegetables

The Newman Government will appeal a decision to award a baby killer $3000 in compensation for not being given special food in prison, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says.
Former butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali, who is serving a life sentence for bashing his newborn daughter to death in 1998 and dismembering her body, took legal action after he was fed vegetarian meals in jail for four months instead of halal meat.
The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal ordered the Government pay $3000 in compensation.
Mr Bleijie, who described Ali as 'a monster', said the Government had received preliminary legal advice that it had 'good prospects' of success in an appeal against the QCAT decision.
"The state will be appealing this matter to the Court of Appeal," he said.
"We will be doing everything we can to ensure this matter is sorted out."
Mr Bleijie said he, Premier Campbell Newman and other Queenslanders were 'shocked and appalled' at the compensation payout.
"It's not common sense to award that particular monster $3000 in compensation," he said.
"Prisoners have their rights - particularly at all times we have to uphold the right of religion, the freedom of religion - but I think it has gone too far.
"There's a lot of people right around Queensland who would give anything for a proper, decent meal that the prisoners have access to in our prison system."
Earlier, Premier Campbell Newman said prisoners must be treated "humanely and appropriately" and he won't move to stop them suing prisons.
He was responding to today's story in The Courier-Mail about a Queensland baby killer who killed his newborn daughter receiving $3000 compensation because he was forced to eat vegetables in jail.
Speaking on ABC radio, Mr Newman said prisoners had to be treated "humanely and appropriately".
"If someone has deeply held religious beliefs, then it's not appropriate that we feed them on a long-term basis, while they're incarcerated, with the wrong food," said the Premier.
"I do think that's unfair and inappropriate."
He said the Government had already taken steps to ensure prisons were not "holiday camps". Former butcher Raymond Akhtar Ali was fed a vegetarian diet for four months, instead of specially prepared halal meat in accordance with his religious requirements.
The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found Ali, 60, was discriminated against on the basis of his religion and ordered the State Government pay $3000 compensation into a trust fund.
Ali is serving a life sentence after he savagely bashed his newborn daughter to death in 1998 before dismembering her, cutting her in half and burying her body at his Logan Village home.
A furious Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie, yesterday described Ali as a "monster" and said he'd ordered urgent advice to appeal the decision.
Ali was fed a vegetarian diet for four months while in Maryborough Correctional Centre, instead of halal food, which needs to be blessed, slaughtered, cooked and stored to strict rules.
QCAT member Ann Fitzpatrick found in his favour because he had to eat vegetables and not halal meat.
She ordered the State Government to pay Ali's $3000 compensation into a victim trust fund.
In 2000 Ali was found guilty of the gruesome 1998 murder of his newborn daughter while the baby's mother, Amanda Leanne Blackwell, 22, was found guilty of manslaughter.
Blackwell, who worked in Ali's halal butcher shop, became his virtual "sex slave'' and fell pregnant to the married man, the Supreme Court heard.
Minutes after she secretly gave birth at a Logan Village property, Ali killed the baby.
A post-mortem found the newborn suffered severe fractures, likely from being crashed against a hard surface while still alive.
Her right leg was severed, she had been cut in half at the abdomen, and her reproductive organs had been removed.
Mr Bleijie yesterday said the State Government would assess its options on the QCAT ruling.
"The community would understandably be angry about this decision and I've requested urgent advice with respect to the State lodging an appeal,'' he said.
Ms Fitzpatrick said Ali was forced to eat vegetarian food at the prison from September 24, 2008 to January 22, 2009, after being incorrectly told halal food was not available.
"It forced a person who otherwise ate meat as part of his diet to eat a vegetarian diet,'' Ms Fitzpatrick said.
Blackwell's four-year jail sentence was suspended after nine months. Ali's appeal attempts failed.
Ali's other discrimination complaints about his 2008 transfer to the Maryborough prison affecting visits from his wife, son and an Imam and his ability to attend Friday prayers were dismissed.
Ms Fitzpatrick, who heard Ali phoned his wife twice daily, found his wife and son chose not to visit him there and he did not ask for an Imam to visit.
Ali, who can apply for parole from August next year, can access the money if there are no claims from victims, child support agencies or for any fines he may owe, but not while he is in jail.

Courier Mail (15-8-2013)
Kay Dibben

Baby killer denied appeal chance

Convicted baby killer Raymond Ali today continued to maintain his innocence with an impassioned plea to the Court of Appeal for another chance to overturn his conviction for the murder a decade ago.
It was the third time Ali, 53, had been before the Queensland Court of Appeal and he had also been to the High Court of Australia.
A butcher who killed and dismembered his newborn baby girl just minutes after her birth, Ali lost his bid for a retrial when the High Court in Canberra last year threw out his appeal in 2005.
He also had an appeal dismissed in 2001 and an application for an extension of time in which to appeal refused in 2003, before the Queensland Court of Appeal.
In the Court of Appeal today Ali said he should be granted an extension of time to bring a new appeal in the interest of justice and on the merits of the case.
Ali, who represented himself, said he was ``like hundreds of others`` who had no comeback after losing an original appeal and it was time for a court to ``open the doors`` to help.
He said he had spent two years putting together fresh evidence for another appeal.
However, Prosecutor Michael Copley said it was a long held principle that a Court of Appeal had no jurisdiction to hear another appeal once there had already been one.
In an unanimous judgment the Court of Appeal agreed and refused to grant an extension of time.
Ali, a butcher who specialised in preparing halal meats for other Muslims, bashed Chahleen Amy Blackwell to death minutes after her birth beside a tank stand at a property at Logan Village, south of Brisbane, in September 1998.
The court was told he dismembered the infant, removing the reproductive organs, in the same fashion that he killed goats for halal customers.
The girl's mother, Amanda Leanne Blackwell, had been having a secret affair with Ali despite her engagement to the butcher's nephew.
The Queensland Supreme Court was told Ali forced Blackwell into prostitution and kept her as a virtual sex slave.
Blackwell testified Ali was the baby's father and that he was present at the birth. But before she could hold the baby Ali took her away and later returned, telling her he had disposed of the body.
Ali claimed he was not Chahleen's father, but DNA tests proved there was a 99.9 per cent chance the child was his.
He is serving a life sentence.
Ali twice appealed to the Queensland Court of Appeal, first claiming errors in Supreme Court Justice Margaret Wilson's directions.
The first appeal was dismissed, but an application on the High Court on the grounds that his legal team was incompetent later saw Ali get special leave to appeal to the High Court.
But the High Court found the evidence against Ali was solid, there were no errors that interfered with his chance of an acquittal and there was nothing to be gained by a retrial.

The Courier Mail (3-3-2008)

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