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Former TV entertainer sentenced for sex offences

Ric Marshall was a host in 1970s TV.

Former children's TV entertainer Ric Marshall will face 25 years in detention for sex offences.
A Supreme Court judge has described Marshall as an "evil man through and through" for his repeated sexual abuse of young boys.
Marshall, 83, has mental and physical problems which keep him housebound.
He was not in the Adelaide courtroom for the sentencing.
Marshall was found mentally unfit to stand trial but the objective elements of his numerous sexual offences against four young boys were proved.
Justice Kevin Nicholson said the relentless depravity of Marshall's offending knew no bounds.
Ric Marshall was best known in South Australia as a children's compere on television during the 1970s.
He was a host of the Super Duper Flying Fun Show on commercial TV.
Justice Nicholson said Marshall's noteworthy roles in the children's television industry and his work running a theatre group during that era gave him access to his victims.
"Through this means Mr Marshall had access to a steady stream of young vulnerable victims. He quickly won over their confidence and that of their parents," he said.
"It was a practice of his to encourage them to stay overnight and on weekends, often under the pretence of making it easier for their parents to pick them up.
"He attracted other profoundly perverted men to what must have been regarded by them as a honeypot."
Evil mastermind - Justice Nicholson said other men in the circle included convicted paedophile Phillip Cave who was now serving a lengthy jail sentence, Marshall's adopted son Peter Marshall and another man who died before charges could be brought against him.
"Mr Marshall's circle of adult men spent their many leisurely hours obsessed with having sex with young boys," he said.
"They repeatedly engaged in sexual acts of almost every description.
He said Marshall had been the mastermind of the group.
"Often in a criminal court a judge comes across people who have done very bad things. There are all sorts of reasons why people might behave badly and those reasons must be taken into account. However it is not as often as the public might think that a judge comes across a truly bad person who is evil through and through, who seems to have no redeeming qualities," he said.
"Mr Marshall is in my view an evil man through and through. The relentless depravity and sheer disgusting ugliness of his behaviour and the extent to which he was prepared to take advantage of vulnerable young boys for his own gratification and to destroy them emotionally and psychologically knew no bounds. I have rarely come across his like before."
Justice Nicholson said only a lengthy sentence could be appropriate.
"There is no doubt he will not survive to see the end of any limiting term," he said.
He imposed a limiting term of 25 years under strict home detention to reflect the jail sentence he otherwise would have imposed.
Victim's grief - Outside court one of Marshall's victims David Jobling, who agreed to be identified, said the legal process had been a long and difficult road for him.
He said a statute of limitations on reporting sexual abuse cases that applied in South Australia until 2003 meant he could not seek justice for decades.
"It's such a shame the South Australian Parliament over such a long period of time stopped people from taking any action, people like me and the other victims of these men and countless other victims who haven't come forward for their own personal reasons," he said.
"It's a shame on the South Australian Parliament basically. If they hadn't done that, if they hadn't stopped people from being able to take action then people would've taken action 20 years ago.
"Compensation for victims might not have been capped at $2,000, which is an insult to any victim who has ever been abused or raped by these men and any other victim who has been abused or raped and has taken this long to come forward because it's not easy to live with this sort of thing at all," he said.
"Clearly to me it's not resolved in South Australia. There must be a lot of people who have suffered this sort of abuse in that period of time and they have not been able to come forward and do anything about it.
"I made several phone calls through my life to police stations saying I wanted to take action and I got told 'No it's too late, sorry you can't do that' so it's a very difficult position to be placed in when you know that somebody is probably still doing what they did to you to other young people. I mean I'm considering talking to lawyers about taking action against the South Australian Parliament because to strip people of their human rights by saying that they can't take action because they've been abused is pretty appalling."

www.abc.net.au (13-12-2012)
Candice Marcus

Ex-TV host sentenced for child sex (13-12-2012)

Former child's entertainer Ric Marshall facing child sex trial

Former children's entertainer Ric Marshall will stand trial for sex crimes in the absence of a jury - if it goes ahead, a court has heard.
Marshall, 83, is due to stand trial in the District Court this month.
He has pleaded not guilty to 10 counts of buggery, two counts of indecent assault, one count of rape and one count of unlawful sexual intercourse.
Prosecutors have alleged Marshall - who hosted a children's TV show in the 1970s - committed the offences against four boys between November 1971 and December 1976.
Marshall, who is bedridden and suffers from muscle wastage, heart problems and Parkinson's disease, is currently living under home detention conditions.
In 2006, he was ruled mentally unfit to answer charges he had sexually abused a boy at Malvern between September 1973 and December 1974.
The District Court placed Marshall on a six and a half year mental health licence.
Today Greg Mead, for Marshall, told the District Court his client would elect for his trial to be heard by judge alone, in the absence of a jury.
However, Mr Mead said he would first ask the court to order the trial be stayed indefinitely.
That application will be heard next week.
Marshall did not attend court.

www.news.com.au (1-8-2011)

"Pedophile ring shared victims" (29-4-2008)
A deviant sex predator who farmed out his male victims to other pedophiles - including former children's TV host Ric Marshall - has today been jailed for 18 years...
Read more - http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/pedophile-ring-shared-victims/story-e6frea83-1111116207410

Kids' TV host sentenced for child sex

Former children's television show host Ric Marshall has been sentenced to stay in his home for 6- years after being found guilty of child sex abuse.
Marshall, 79, of Eastwood in Adelaide, has rarely left his home for the past four years because of ill-health.
Marshall was not in the District Court in Adelaide today to hear his sentence for buggery and procuring an act of buggery with a boy aged about 12 between September, 1973, and December, 1974.
The court was told Marshall suffered from a range of serious health problems, including dementia and Parkinson's disease.
Judge Dean Clayton said he would have sentenced Marshall to the same period in jail but after finding Marshall mentally unfit to face trial last year, Judge Clayton ordered he be placed "on licence" for the same amount of time.
Judge Clayton said if Marshall was taken into custody, it would be as a permanent, high-care patient in an institution.
"Given that he is housebound, the practical effect will be the same and the community will be spared the cost of the hospitalisation if he remains in his own home," the judge said.
Marshall was found guilty of buggery after a judge-alone trial in front of Judge Clayton.
He found Marshall not guilty of two counts of indecent assault and another three of buggery.

The Daily Telegraph (18-12-2007)
Gavin Lower

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