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High school teacher Stephen Peter Morrow, 58, jailed for getting a Victorian student pregnant escapes disciplinary action by Queensland authorities

A high school teacher jailed for getting a Victorian student pregnant and later paying for her abortion in the 1990s has escaped disciplinary action by Queensland authorities who granted him registration to teach here seven years ago.
The Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal (QCAT) has granted the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) "leave'' to cease disciplinary action against 58-year-old Stephen Peter Morrow - who obtained Queensland teacherís registration in September 2004.
QCAT, in a just published five-page decision, allowed the QCT to withdraw disciplinary proceedings against Morrow because it was satisfied the "public interest is protected'' due to fact the former teacher was "excluded person'' because of his child sex offence conviction and was no longer legally allowed to teach in Queensland.
Morrow, now aged 58, was sentenced to three years jail after pleading guilty in a Victorian County Court last year to five charges of sexual penetration of a 16 or 17-year-old girl under his care under the Victorian Crimes Act of 1958.
In April 2008 Morrow was convicted of more serious charges and jailed for six years, but the Victorian Court of Appeal quashed the conviction and ordered a retrial.
During the earlier court cases it was revealed Morrow, then a physics teacher at Melbourne Girls' College in the 1990s, had sex with a 16-year-old student.
The court was told the girl, who was a virgin before Morrow had sex with her, discovered she was pregnant and later aborted the foetus.
QCAT members Michelle Howard, Adrian Ashman and Robyn Oliver, in a just published five-page decision, granted QCT's application to withdraw disciplinary proceedings against Morrow on August 1.
"QCT submits that Mr Morrow is now an excluded person under the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005,'' the panel said.
"(QCT says Morrow) is not entitled to apply for teacher registration or permission to teach because he is a relevant excluded person who is subject to offender reporting obligations.
"In essence, QCT submits that the disciplinary proceedings are therefore unnecessary and that the public interest is protected by his status as an excluded person.''
QCAT, by way of background, said Morrow was granted registration to teach in Queensland in 2004, but that registration was suspended shortly after his arrest by the Victorian Police Service in November 2006.
In reaching its decision whether Morrow should be subjected to disciplinary action, the panel said: "The relevant legislative provisions are technical and somewhat tortuous to navigate.''
"Disciplinary proceedings are protective, not punitive in nature.
"The tribunal is satisfied that the public interest is protected as a consequence of Mr Morrow's status as an excluded person ... (and) for leave to be granted to QCT to withdraw disciplinary referral relating to Mr Morrow.''

www.couriermail.com.au (30-8-2011)
Tony Keim

Jail for teacher who got teen pregnant

A former Melbourne teacher who made his 17-year-old student pregnant and paid for her to have an abortion, has been jailed for six years.
Stephen Peter Morrow, 55, was Friday sentenced in Victoria's County Court after a jury last week found him guilty of nine counts of sexual penetration of a 16- or 17-year-old child under his care, supervision or authority.
Morrow had been a physics teacher at the girl's inner Melbourne school when the crimes took place in the late 1990s.
He was 46 years old and married when he seduced his victim after she asked him for extra tuition for one of her classes.
Aged 16 when she lost her virginity to Morrow in the back seat of his car, she became pregnant to him at age 17 after having unprotected sex with him regularly, meeting about twice a week in the last six months of her final school year.
Morrow took her to a clinic for an abortion which he paid for, when she was about six weeks pregnant.
Sentencing Morrow, Judge Thomas Wodak said he had shown a "disturbing callousness ... and a profound lack of understanding of the wrongfulness" of his conduct.
In her impact statement, the victim, now 25, said she had suffered "years of guilt and disgrace" following her abortion.
"It is not merely the fact that he abused his power, it is more the fact that he took me to the fertility clinic and allowed me to be put through such physical distress and years of psychological shame," she said.
But Judge Wodak said Morrow, who was sentenced as a serious sex offender, continued to deny committing the offences.
"There is not and cannot be any remorse shown by you," Judge Wodak said.
Sentencing him to six years jail with a non-parole period of four years, Judge Wodak said Morrow had been aware of the victim's unsettled home life and desire to achieve good VCE results.
"You were a very experienced teacher and she was your student, a vulnerable teenager who I am satisfied developed an infatuation with you, which you did not discourage and most likely fostered," Judge Wodak said.
He said Morrow had betrayed the victim's trust in him to act appropriately as her teacher.
"Instead of doing that, you seduced a naive young female to pander selfishly to your sexual desires."
Judge Wodak said the pair had sex mostly in the rear seat of Morrow's car at various suburban locations, but also in motel rooms the teacher had paid for.
He said Morrow had relocated to Queensland, where he and his new partner had two young children and that he was likely to apply to transfer his prison term to that state.
A spokesman for the victim said outside court she was pleased with the judge's comments, which would help her find closure and that she was looking forward to moving on.

aca.ninemsn.com.au (2008)

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