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Name: Stephen Grant Randell

Age: 56 yrs old (2012)

State: Tasmania- Burnie

Sentence: Sentenced in 1999, to 4 yrs jail..served 2 years and 9 months and was released frm Hayes Prison Farm, north of Hobartin,April 2002.. Sentencing Randell, Justice Peter Underwood said he was a serious paedophile.

Offence/Other: Stephen Randell/ Former School Teacher/ Former International Cricket Umpire..Found guilty of 15 charges of indecent assault, while teaching grade 6, at the Catholic Church's Marist Regional College in Burnie, in 1981-2..Victims were 9 girls aged 11 and 12 yrs..Randell worked with the Tasmanian Education Department on and off from 1975 to 1998.

"Disgraced former international cricket umpire Stephen Randell is said to have apologised in 1994 for abusing a boy - but the Christian Brothers never told authorities.Randell continued to work as a schoolteacher for another four years. "-Read More Below"

Stephen Randell

Umpire Randell's Abuse Secret Shame

DISGRACED former international cricket umpire Stephen Randell is said to have apologised in 1994 for abusing a boy - but the Christian Brothers never told authorities.
Randell continued to work as a schoolteacher for another four years. The shameful secret has been revealed in a county court in Victoria, where one of Randell's victims has pleaded guilty to taking a loaded pistol into a nightclub.
Randell was jailed in 1999 after being found guilty of sexually abusing nine girls at the Catholic Church's Marist Regional College in Burnie in 1981-82.
He had been a teacher at the school and his crimes were revealed in 1997 when his victims decided to tell their stories to police.
In 1998, Randell was charged by police, which led Tasmania's Education Department to suspend him from his job as a teacher at the Bellerive Primary School.
But it has now been revealed that a meeting organised by the Christian Brothers in 1994 was told that Randell had sexually abused a boy - but the information was never passed on.
"There was a mediation meeting and it is standard rules that parties to that mediation are not at liberty to reveal to any non-parties the issues discussed there," said Christian Brothers spokesman Brother Brian Brandon, of Melbourne.
"I can say that it was a personal discussion. "We didn't know the details of any one discussion." Brother Brandon said it was a "standard provision of mediation law" that details of meetings not be revealed publicly.
The mediation meeting was held in a hotel room at Sandy Bay in 1994 after a former student of St Virgil's College in Hobart, Mr X, complained he had been sexually abused by Randell in the late 1970s.
Randell, who only a few years earlier had been head prefect and school captain at St Virgil's, was a volunteer cricket and football coach at the school run by the Christian Brothers, a Catholic teaching order.
Mr X rang a help-line number and, as a result of his complaint, the Christian Brothers in Melbourne organised for a clinical psychologist, Shane Wall, to travel to Tasmania to mediate the issue.
Mr Wall, an independent counsellor and psychologist, had been retained by the Christian Brothers to run a help service for people complaining of abuse by clergy and church officials.
Mr Wall, Mr X, Mr X's mother, another psychologist from Queensland and Randell attended the meeting.
The details of this meeting have remained a secret for almost 10 years, but earlier this month Mr X appeared in the County Court of Victoria where he pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including taking a pistol into a nightclub in Melbourne and threatening to kill the crowd controllers.
In mitigation, lawyer Patrick Casey told the court Mr X had been subject to the vilest of abuses by Randell, which had resulted in his developing a serious drug problem.
Mr Casey told the court the Catholic Church had organised the meeting between Randell and Mr X at which Randell had apologised to his victim. Randell has never been convicted of criminal charges for sexually abusing Mr X but an earlier Melbourne hearing was told Mr X received $40,000 in criminal injuries compensation in Tasmania.
The criminal charges relating to Mr X and several girls were dropped because the Crown was concerned media coverage meant Randell would not get a fair trial.
Mr X has a personal injuries writ lodged in the Supreme Court of Tasmania but while it is still active, there have been no legal moves since 1998.
Mr X moved to Melbourne some years ago. He has been remanded in custody pending sentence on the gun charges.
Randell worked with the Tasmanian Education Department on and off from 1975 to 1998 but until 1998, the department was never told of any concerns about his behaviour towards children.
Brother Brandon said Randell had never been employed by the Christian Brothers and his involvement at St Virgil's was as a volunteer sports coach. Asked why the Christian Brothers had never reported the results of the mediation to Education Department officials, Brother Brandon said: "We were not particularly aware of where and by whom he was employed other than his profession as a cricket umpire.
"At that time there was no clear knowledge that Steve Randell was a teacher. "I'd hasten to add that his mediation, from what I am aware of, was a meeting between Stephen and X.
"He had no convictions, there was no clear position on which we would advise anyone in particular of any such danger."
Randell was jailed in August 1999 and released in April 2002

www.news.com.au (22-9-2003)
Ellen Whinnett

Paedophile umpire could work again

Former Test cricket umpire and convicted paedophile Steve Randell, who was released from jail yesterday, may umpire again.
But if he does, it is more likely to be for low-level matches around Hobart than at Lords.
Randell, 46, who has stood in a record 36 Tests, was released on parole after serving two years and nine months of a four-year sentence. He walked out of Hayes Prison Farm, north of Hobart, before dawn and was met by a man in a car.
His father Don said later that Randell had told him he had no comment.
Randell was convicted in August, 1999, on 15 counts of indecently assaulting nine girls aged 11 and 12 while teaching at a Catholic primary school in Burnie in 1981 and 1982.
Sentencing Randell, Justice Peter Underwood said he was a serious paedophile who used his students as "sexual play things".
Randell had an unblemished record in jail and early last year was transferred from Risdon Prison to the medium-security Hayes. However, his first application for parole, after he had served two years, was refused on undisclosed grounds. His second application was approved on April 3.
The umpiring fraternity has kept in touch with Randell and several international umpires have visited him.
Tasmanian Cricket Association chief executive David Johnston confirmed approaches had been made late last year about Randell umpiring again, and said the TCA was seeking advice.
Whether or not he umpires again, life will be very different. His contract as an international umpire has gone, he has lost his teaching job and will no longer be wanted on the lecture circuit.
His wife Angela, a former Miss Tasmania with whom he has two children, stood by him through the court case but they are now divorced and she recently remarried. His family home has been sold.
The parole board said that the views of his victims had been considered.
One victim has since told The Advocate newspaper in Burnie that she could deal with his release.
She said she had been told by the parole board that Randell would not be allowed to be unaccompanied with children under the age of 16. His parole lasts until August next year.

AAP (1-5-2002)
Don Woolford

Steve Randell expected to be released soon

Disgraced former Test umpire Steve Randell, who was jailed for four years in 1999 for child molesting, is likely to be released in about two months.
Government sources said Randell, imprisoned in August 1999, appeared before the Parole Board on Monday.
The board called for additional reports and will reconsider his case in late September or early October.
But Randell has been a model prisoner and unless something unexpected is put to the board, it is expected to release him on parole.
Randell, 45, had stood in an Australian record 36 Tests when a Tasmanian Supreme Court jury found him guilty of 15 charges of indecent assault against nine girls aged 11 and 12 while he was teaching at a Catholic primary school in Burnie in 1981 and 1982.
In sentencing Randell, Justice Peter Underwood said he was a serious paedophile who had used the girls as his "sexual playthings".
Immediately after being sentenced Randell, who had been share teaching with his wife Angela, a former Miss Tasmania, at a Hobart primary school, was sacked by the Education Department.
He also lost his Australian Cricket Board contract.
In September 1999 the Crown dropped a further 14 charges of indecent assault of five girls between 1982 and 1996 because it believed it would be difficult to ensure a fair trial.
The sources said Randell had been a model prisoner.
He was originally held in E Yard at Risdon Prison, an area for prisoners who need protection like child molesters and suspected police informers.
He was transferred to the medium-security Hayes Prison Farm early this year.
Under the Tasmanian system, prisoners who have stayed out of trouble may apply for parole after serving half their sentences.

AAP (8-1-2001)
Don Woolford

Randell jailed for four years. Now one of his victims tells: `Why I had to speak up'

You actively fostered and encouraged the children and their parents to trust you and you grossly breached that trust ... in order to satisfy your perverted sexual lust- Justice Peter Underwood
One of Stephen Randell's victims yesterday told how the birth of her daughter three years ago prompted her to come forward with 15-year-old allegations of sexual abuse.
And the victim's mother revealed how she spent years feeling guilty that she had not protected her daughter from her grade 6 teacher.
Disgraced international cricket umpire Stephen Grant Randell, 43, was jailed for four years yesterday, with the judge saying he had used schoolgirls as his sexual playthings to satisfy his perverted lust.
He had been found guilty on Tuesday of 15 charges of indecent assault against nine girls while teaching at Marist Regional College in Burnie in 1981 and 1982.
The victim, now aged 28, said yesterday that she had decided to come forward after the birth of her daughter.
"The final straw was having my own daughter and realising how unprotected I'd been and how naive so many people around me had been when I was a child,'' she said.
"I was severely depressed and I had to stop it. I had to change my life. (Having my daughter) will make me very wary, but I'm trying to make her as independent as I can; to make her feel a safe person.
"I felt so unsafe for such a long time that I want her to feel safe living in the world.''
The victim's mother wept as she hugged her daughter and told how she also felt like a victim of Randell.
"I had my trust betrayed and I felt very guilty that I hadn't protected my daughter when I had the role of a parent,'' she said.
The victim said that her fight to regain control of her life began three and a half years ago, when she called Crime Stoppers to complain that Randell had sexually abused her as a child.
"It was a case of one person's word against another person's word, so it couldn't go any further,'' she said.
"But then I remembered a witness that I had and I tried to find her, and I couldn't find her, but in looking for her, it dug up a lot of other people.''
She said that her sexual abuse had affected her physical relationships.
"I separated from my partner, who is still a good friend and very supportive, but it has made it very hard for me and the others to have a relationship and maintain that relationship,'' she said.
"Everyone (other victims) has been coping in their own way, some people have been very emotionally volatile, some people have been reclusive.''
The victim said that the four-year jail term was appropriate under the current laws, but wants other options, such as compulsory assessment and treatment, to be examined.
Randell will serve his sentence at Risdon as a prisoner needing maximum protective security. He will probably be placed in E Yard, which holds sexual offenders and others thought to be at risk from other prisoners.
Randell was yesterday sacked by the Education Department from his position as a Hobart primary school teacher.
Stephen Randell's crimes were serious paedophilia, judge Peter Underwood said yesterday.
Randell, 43, formerly of Norma St, Howrah, was emotionless yesterday as Supreme Court judge Peter Underwood sentenced him to four years' jail.
The maximum penalty for indecent assault is 21 years' jail. Randell was found guilty on 15 counts of indecent assault after he sexually abused nine schoolgirls 18 years ago.
As Justice Underwood handed down his sentence, Randell's wife Angela and his father Donald sat in a packed public gallery, and one of his victims hugged her mother in the back of the court.
Justice Underwood said that Randell ingratiated himself with the parents of his victims in order to gain their confidence and trust, which he then betrayed by going into children's bedrooms to sexually assault them.
"The manner in which you committed these assaults, both in the classroom and in the bedrooms, was so brazen that it indicates that you felt free to treat these children as your sexual playthings, perhaps in the belief that they would feel too ashamed, embarrassed or awkward to speak out against you at a time when society was not ready to accept the word of a child that a person in your position had perpetrated such criminal conduct.
"These crimes are to be regarded as serious paedophilia ... you actively fostered and encouraged the children and their parents to trust you and you grossly breached that trust by indecently assaulting the former in order to satisfy your perverted sexual lust.''
Justice Underwood said that the community expected the court to protect young children by handing down sentences that would send a clear message to others.
"I also accept that the effect of these proceedings upon your wife and family has been nothing short of devastating and one cannot help but feel great sympathy for them, for they are also the innocent victims of your criminal conduct.''
A report by State forensic psychiatrist Dr Ian Sale stated that Randell's sexual conduct was not typical of a true paedophile, as his behaviour merely suggested ``boundary violations'' and he had not actively ``sought out, cultivated and seduced vulnerable children''. But Justice Underwood said in his judgment that while he respected Dr Sale's opinion, Randell's crimes were serious paedophilia and were not isolated impulsive acts.

www.examiner.com.au (14-8-1999)
Melanie Alcock


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