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Notorious sex offender acquitted of rape

A dangerous sexual predator that was facing a rape charge has been acquitted.
Thomas Andrew Larry, 36, pleaded not guilty in the Brisbane District Court to raping a woman he befriended on an Ipswich-bound train earlier this year.
The woman had been travelling to visit family at Booval when she struck up a conversation with Larry on January 19.
The court heard the two alighted the train together at Wacol in the search of alcohol.
The woman claimed it was then Larry raped her in bushland near the station.
However, the jury was not convinced the sex was not consensual and took less than two hours on Wednesday to reach a not guilty verdict.
Earlier in the trial, the court ordered Larry be arraigned using only his first and last name given his shocking criminal history in case a juror decided to do their own investigative work.
Judge David Reid deemed the news articles which would have appeared under any Google search would have been highly prejudicial in his trial.
Larry is one of Queensland's most notorious sex offenders.
His history of criminal offences includes a conviction for aggravated assault of a woman in Cairns in 1996 and a five-year prison stretch for an assault causing grievous bodily harm in 1997.
Larry has two previous sexual offence charges which included serving eight-years for attempted rape after he broke into a woman's house in 2002.
Larry received a further three-months jail for flashing his genitals at a teacher during a course at the Lotus Glen Correctional Facility near Mareeba in 2008.
Larry was again charged, but not prosecuted, for allegedly trying to pull a Townsville Correctional Centre nurse towards him to examine his penis in 2010.
The former Bligh government was unsuccessful in its bid to keep Larry behind bars when his sentence expired in 2011.
He was released under strict supervision orders, but found himself in trouble in December last year after he admitted he had smoked fake marijuana which resulted in returning to his accommodation late at night, thus breaching his curfew.
Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth decided at the time to continue his conditional release from prison despite Larry's breach of his Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 order.
Less than a month later he was arrested on the rape charge in which he was found not guilty on Wednesday.
Larry, who remains in custody, can now apply to the court to be released.

www.qt.com.au (7-11-2013)
Adam Davies

Thomas Andrew Larry, 36, granted conditional release despite breaching Dangerous Prisoners order

A dangerous sex offender who smoked fake marijuana, "got lost" and breached curfew by returning to his accommodation late at night will not go back to jail after a Brisbane judge ruled he could return to supervised release within the community.
Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth has allowed Thomas Andrew Larry, now aged 36, to continue his conditional release from prison, despite the breach of his Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 order on May 30 this year.
The supervised release order and a raft of conditions was first granted to Larry in 2011 after he had served eight years for breaking into a woman's home and trying to rape her on March 8, 2002.
Larry told authorities he had breached his supervised release order by mistakenly smoking "Kronic", a synthetic marijuana product, at the home of two people he had met on a bus near the Princess Alexandra Hospital on May 30, 2012.
He said he "sat and yarned" with the pair before he picked up a cigarette "dumper" or butt from an ashtray and smoked it.
Larry said he didn't realise it was cannabis "until he took a big drag on the cigarette and started to feel dizzy".
Soon after, Larry realised it was getting late and started to panic, asking for directions to the nearest train station and then becoming lost.
He told authorities he borrowed a mobile phone in order to call Corrective Services to advise them he would be home late from the Buranda Train Station around 10pm.
He returned to his approved accommodation at 12.30am on May 31, after curfew.
"Given his history of giving false information to those who supervise him, one cannot be confident that the respondent is being completely open and honest about the circumstances under which he ingested cannabis on the evening of 30 May 2012," Justice Applegarth said.
He detailed Larry's "traumatic childhood" which revealed he had been just five when he began to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and was just a year older when an older woman first taught him how to have intercourse.
Larry has appeared in courtrooms throughout Far North Queensland numerous times, most recently at Mareeba on August 7, 2008, for exposing himself to another inmate at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre.
He had been serving an eight-year sentence for breaking into a woman's home at Warraber Island, where he placed a quilt over her bedroom window and attempted to rape her.
He punched her several times during the attempted rape, causing significant injuries.
In 1993, a woman woke to find him standing naked over her while she slept in her Coconut Island home and in 1994 he sat on top of a sleeping woman in her Torres Strait home.
Larry has also been convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, brutally beating an innocent person while stealing a pair of tracksuit pants and threatening to stab a female drinking companion with a butter knife.
In his written judgment, Justice Applegarth said he was satisfied adequate protection of the community could be ensured if Larry was allowed to continue his amended supervision order, including extra conditions on the use of a mobile phone in addition to 37 others already imposed.
He said Larry could continue to pursue literacy and numeracy courses in the community, undertake voluntary work and "hopefully" would progress to paid employment.
"The respondent has the support of good people in the community," Justice Applegarth said.
"In the past he obtained the support of the Salvation Army.
"Upon his release he will have the support of social workers from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service.
"Immediately following his release he will be accommodated in the Wacol Precinct."

The Courier-Mail (11-12-2012)
Brooke Baskin

Brisbane judge grants supervised release for Thomas Andrew Larry

The Queensland Government has lost another bid to keep a dangerous sex offender behind bars after a Brisbane judge granted supervised release despite a convicted would-be rapist committing sex attacks while still behind bars.
Brisbane Supreme Court judge David Boddice has granted Thomas Andrew Larry, now aged 34, conditional release from jail after having served eight years for breaking into a house attempting to rape a woman on March 8, 2002.
Justice Boddice, in a just published 12-page judgment, said Queensland's Attorney-General, Paul Lucas, had applied to the court for Larry to "detained for an indefinite term for care, control or treatment."
Alternatively, the court was told, the A-G wanted Larry to be "released from custody subject to conditions."
Justice Boddice was told Larry's prison term was scheduled to expire yesterday after having served all of his sentence for breaking into a home and trying to rape woman and then punching her repeatedly - "causing significant injuries."
He noted Larry had received a further three-months' jail for flashing his genitals at a teacher, or trainer, during a course at the Lotus Glen Correctional Facility, 25km south of Mareeba in Far North Queensland on June 10 2008.
He said Larry was again charged, but not prosecuted, for allegedly trying to pull a Townsville Correctional Centre nurse towards him to "examine his penis" on May 30, 2010.
"(The Lotus Glen victim) was conducting a certificate course at the centre when ... (Larry) unexpectedly stood up, pulled his pants down, exposed his genitals and gave the (teacher) a note containing a poem," Justice Boddice said.
"(Larry later) explained his conduct as having had 'a brain snap'."
The Townsville Correctional Centre incident occurred when Larry allegedly touched a female nurse during a consultation, Justice Boddice said.
Justice Boddice also chronicled Larry's history of criminal offences, which included a 1996 conviction for aggravated assault of a woman in Cairns, six months jail for an assault causing bodily harm in 1996 and a five year prison stretch for an assault causing grievous bodily harm in 1997.
"This history includes two previous sexual offences," Justice Boddice said.
"The first was committed in the early hours of 5 March 1993 at Coconut Island ... (when the victim) woke to find (Larry) standing naked in her bedroom.
"The second ... occurred on the night of 25 May 1995 at Warraber Island ... (when the victim) woke to find (Larry) sitting on top of her. (The victim) punched (Larry) who punched her in the face before running away."
Justice Boddice, in granting Larry conditional release, said: "I am satisfied to the requisite standard that the respondent (Larry) is a serious danger to the community in the absence of an order ... (under) Division 3 of the Dangerous Prisoner's (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003."
He imposed 37 conditions on Larry as part of the order - including not accessing pornography over the internet.

The Courier-Mail (23-5-2011)
Tony Keim

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