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Name: Timothy Edward Kosowicz - CHILD KILLER

Age: 30 yrs old (2011)


Sentence: Found not guilty in the NSW Supreme Court in March 2005 of murder by reason of mental illness..to be held in strict custody at Long Bay Prison Hospital (or another appropriate facility).

Other: CHILD KILLER..Victim was 5 yr old Chloe Hoson.
Kosowicz admitted killing the young girl and interfering with her body. Upon each charge a special verdict of not guilty by reason of mental illness was reached/ to be held in strict custody at Long Bay Prison Hospital (or another appropriate facility).
To be updated.

Mental Health Resources Criticised After Murder Ruling

The psychiatrist in charge of treating Timothy Edward Kosowicz in Sydney's Long Bay Jail says mental health professionals often feel pressured to discharge patients early because of a lack of beds.
Kosowicz will be held in a prison hospital indefinitely after being found not guilty of murdering five-year-old Chloe Hoson by reason of mental illness.
The court found that the effects of his schizophrenia meant he did not know what he was doing was wrong.
It has criticised the mental health system in New South Wales for failing to adequately manage him.
Dr Rosalie Wilcox says there is a severe lack of resources in the mental health system.
"One of the main pressures is providing and finding enough beds for the patients," she said.
"There are never enough beds and there are never enough people involved in follow-up care."
New South Wales Opposition health spokeswoman, Gladys Berejiklian, says the mental health system failed Kosowicz.
"The Government needs to investigate why mentally-ill people are being released from mental hospitals across the state prematurely," she said.
"The Government needs to answer why people who are regarded as dangerous are being released from mental hospitals before they are ready to be released.
"The judge hearing this tragic case asked the same question."
Chloe's father Michael says he hopes the mental health system will now acknowledge that improvements need to be made.
"I more feel sorry for the families that this is going to continue to happen to, until this is fixed," Mr Hoson said.

AAP (6-6-2005)

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Family Fury At Accused Killer Of 'Little Angel'

Emotions boiled over in a Sydney court yesterday as relatives and friends of murdered five-year-old Chloe Hoson lunged and shouted abuse at the man accused of raping and killing her.
Timothy Edward Kosowicz showed no expression when he was brought before Liverpool Local Court and confronted with a room overflowing with security personnel, and Chloe's relatives, many sobbing loudly.
The 22-year-old, from Sadleir in Sydney's southwest, was refused bail during the hearing that lasted less than four minutes and was peppered with calls from the public gallery of "sick f..." as well as "sick man".
Mr Kosowicz is accused of sexually assaulting and killing Chloe, whose body was found dumped on a riverbank just 200m from her family's mobile home at Lansvale, also in Sydney's southwest, on Saturday.
When Magistrate William Brydon remanded him in custody a small group lunged towards the dock.
Some of the 10 police and sheriffs restrained the surging group and an ambulance was called after one of Chloe's aunts collapsed.
Mr Kosowicz did not apply for bail.
Although no facts were tendered, the police charge sheet alleged Mr Kosowicz murdered Chloe and had "... sexual intercourse without her consent..." on November 7.
Outside the court, her uncle, Peter Chalker, said the family was struggling to come to terms with her murder.
"On behalf of the family we want to thank everybody who helped search for Chloe, and her uncle, Dwayne, who found her," he told reporters while choking back tears.
"She was the perfect little girl, like all children are.
"She had the angel look on her; she was just dead-set gorgeous.
"She's going to be missed by all her family, especially her mother, father, her brother, her two sisters."
Mr Chalker said he did not know the accused.
Magistrate Brydon remanded Mr Kosowicz, who is charged with murder and two counts of aggravated sexual assault, in custody to face the same court on December 19.

Adelaide Advertiser (11-11-2003)
Janine O'Neill

Family Lunge At Man Accused Of Chloe Murder

Family members of murdered five-year-old Sydney girl Chloe Hoson today lunged and shouted abuse at the man charged with her murder and two counts of aggravated sexual assault.
Timothy Edward Kosowicz, 22, of Sadlier in Sydney's south-west, was refused bail during an emotional court hearing today in Liverpool Local Court.
Kosowicz is accused of sexually assaulting and killing the girl, whose body was found dumped on a riverbank just 200m from her family's mobile home at Lansvale in Sydney's southwest on Saturday.
Her distraught family and friends sobbed and shouted at the accused before lunging at him during today's brief hearing.
Police restrained the surging group and an ambulance was called after one of Chloe's aunts collapsed.
The woman was taken away on a stretcher as other family members and friends leaned on one another for support as they left the court.
Chloe's uncle Peter Chalker said outside the court the family was struggling to come to grips with what had happened.
"She was the perfect little girl, like all children are,'' he told reporters as he struggled to hold back tears.
"She had the angel look on her, she was just deadset gorgeous.''
Mr Chalker said he did not know the accused.
Kosowicz, who has shoulder-length blond hair and was dressed entirely in black, did not flinch throughout the hearing and made no application for bail.
Magistrate William Brydon remanded Kosowicz - who is charged with murder and two counts of aggravated sexual assault - into custody to face the same court on December 19.

Sydney Morning Herald (10-11-2003)

Girl, 5 Snatched, Then Dumped 200m From Home

Police last night issued an urgent appeal after a five-year-old girl was snatched from her caravan home and dumped by a creek 18 hours later.
The body of Chloe Louise Hoson was found by a relative just 200 metres from the home she shared with her parents and three other children.
Police immediately launched a murder hunt, pointing out that the girl, known to locals as "a little angel", had not been in the water.
As relatives and friends comforted the family, residents of the Lansdowne Park caravan park on the Hume Highway angrily complained that strangers and drug addicts frequented the area where scores of youngsters played.
The pretty girl, who had light brown hair and a fringe dyed blonde, had only recently moved to Lansvale. She lived in a caravan park with her parents, Karina Beharrell and Michael Hoson, and three siblings.
Karina Beharrell's younger sister, Amy Beharrell, said the family was still in shock over the incident.
"You just never expect anything like this to happen to you," she said.
She said her sister was utterly distraught over the death of her daughter and could not understand why anybody would wish to harm her.
"Who would do such a terrible thing?" she asked. "I don't know. I don't know. She was a five-year-old girl who would never hurt anyone."
Ms Beharrell said she would spend the rest of the day comforting her sister and the rest of the family.
She described the past day as traumatic for the family while they searched for the little girl, all the time fearing the worst.
Police were alerted to Chloe's disappearance at 5pm on Friday and searched nearby bushland and Prospect Creek, where she was later found.
They were assisted by 20 State Emergency Service officers, a police helicopter and the dog squad.
Chloe was last seen wearing dark pants and a red and pink jumper with a love heart on it. Her parents noticed she was missing while they were preparing lunch on Friday.
Detectives spent yesterday questioning residents at the caravan park. Lansvale resident Larry Kingsford also helped police search with his German shepherd dog, King.
Mr Kingsford's house backs on to the crime site and he walked along the river with two other detectives. "I went right along the river with them," he said.
The area where Chloe was found is next to a car park for a Sizzler Restaurant, and Mr Kingsford said "it's always full of junkies".
"I'm sick of it," he said. "I've got kids of my own. I'm trying to get out of here."
Detective Inspector Hans Rupp said the cause of death was unknown, but agreed it was likely that Chloe had been abducted and murdered.
Mr Rupp said a man was currently assisting police, but only in relation to making a statement.
Police and SES workers were combing bushes near the entrance to the Sizzlers car park and forensic squad police were examining the adjacent bushland park running down to the creek. Homicide and other officers were called in yesterday morning after the find.
Mr Rupp called again for anyone with information on Chloe's movements since she disappeared to contact police.
"I am renewing the earlier appeals for anyone with information about this incident, or anyone who might have sighted a five-year-old girl in the area between 1pm on Friday and 8.30am today, to come forward," he said.
"The girl's body was discovered on the banks of the Prospect Creek. There is nothing to indicate that she had been in the water."
Amy Beharrell said Karina wanted to thank all those who assisted in the search for her daughter after she went missing on Friday, and appealed to those with information to come forward.
"She wants to thank all the people who helped look for Chloe on Friday and today, including the police and the people in the caravan park," Ms Beharrell said.
"If anyone has any information about what happened to Chloe, please contact the police."

Sydney Morning Herald (9-11-2003)
Miranda Wood/ Frank Walker/ Rachel Browne

Community's Horror At The Loss Of A "Little Angel"

Her world was a tiny mobile home unit she shared with her mother, father and three siblings.
But while Chloe Louise Hoson's surroundings were modest, she loved to explore the world around her.
Yesterday, after the five-year-old's lifeless body was found beside a creek near the Lansdowne caravan park in Lansvale, fellow residents expressed horror that she was gone - and that a killer could be in their midst.
They told how Chloe's young parents, Karina Beharrell and Michael Hoson, moved to the park just over a month ago.
Chloe was the proud big sister to three siblings - Tyson, 3, Jade, 2, and Tia, 1 - and they played together in the weatherboard home unit. She was distinguished by the blonde fringe, which had been dyed into her brown hair and by her shy smile.
Children's bicycles and boogie boards were scattered outside yesterday as distraught family and friends came to offer support.
They told how Chloe - who had yet to start school - loved to explore her new neighbourhood with other children from the park. One playmate was 10-year-old neighbour Stacey, who was playing with her the day she disappeared.
When Stacey first heard the news that Chloe had disappeared, she went to look for her at her secret cubby house, to no avail. Stacey's mother, Judy, remembered Chloe as "a little angel - a gorgeous typical little girl".
The caravan park, on the Hume Highway, is full of young children. Park residents say that a number of suspicious people frequently walk through the ground.
Yesterday, police forensic officers worked just metres away from diners who had come for a leisurely lunch at Sizzlers Restaurant at Lansvale, near the crime scene.
Police blocked pedestrians from crossing the Lansdowne Bridge so they could not see where the girl's body had been found in the morning on the banks of Prospect Creek.

Sydney Morning Herald (9-11-2003)
Miranda Wood

Family Says Farewell To A Little Angel

EACH person came with a brightly coloured balloon bearing her name.
They also wore pink and violet ribbons, again with five-year-old Chloe Louise Hoson's name across them.
The brightly coloured party accessories would have been a great birthday treat for the "little angel".
Instead, they were part of Chloe's funeral, ordered in memory of her bright and bubbly personality.
More than 100 family and friends gathered yesterday at North Ryde's Macquarie Park Cemetery for Chloe's burial service.
Chloe's parents Michael Hoson and Karina Beharrell, who is six months' pregnant, were driven to the grounds at 10.30am.
In the limousine in front of theirs lay Chloe's body in a small white coffin covered in coloured gerberas.
Ms Beharrell was comforted by friends and family, including Chloe's uncle who found her body last Saturday morning on the bank of Prospect Creek in Lansvale, only metres from her home in Lansdowne Caravan Park.
Chloe's siblings Tyson, 3, Jade, 2, and Tia, 1, were not at the funeral and were being cared for by friends.
Chloe was last seen by a neighbour leaning on the bonnet of a car eating a banana with her two sisters and brother playing nearby.
Timothy Edward Kosowicz, 22, who was staying in the caravan park, appeared in Liverpool Local Court on Monday charged with raping and murdering five-year-old Chloe.
During yesterday's service, the family remembered "the little tomboy" who always loved doing what her father did.
There was even a message from her favourite television characters, the children's act Hi-5.
"We know that we never got to meet you . . . you will always be part of our family. Love always Hi-5."
As her uncle, Peter Chalker, said on Monday: "She was the perfect little girl, like all children are."
PAYMENT for Chloe's funeral was organised by the Homicide Victims Support Group with proceeds from the victims' compensation tribunal.
Homicide Victims Support Group executive director Martha Jabour said money was being raised to relocate the family and buy them new furniture.
Those who wish to donate can send cheques to:
Homicide Victims Support Group, PO Box 79, Millers Point, NSW 2000.

Daily Telegraph (15-11-2003).
Angela Kamper

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