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Age: 24 yrs old (2012)

State: QLD - Townsville/ Formerly of MT ISA

Sentence: Released under a seven-year supervision order in April 2010 after serving three years for sex offences..sent back to jail after breaching his strict supervision order by allegedly trying to rob a sex shop - Jan 2012.. Sex offender back into the Qld community - Feb 2013.

Offence/Other: Tyrone Speechley - Repeat Offender- Sexual assault offences and assault with intent to rape.

Dangerous sex offender Tyronne Speechley caught in Mt Isa

Escaped sex offender Tyronne Speechley has been caught in Mt Isa tonight.
The 25-year-old had been on the run for almost 72 hours after he escaped from a low-security Townsville farm on Monday night.
Speechley was found in Mt Isa and is now being questioned by police.
It is believed police were acting from a tip-off when they found Speechley hiding in a Mt Isa home.
Earlier, The Courier-Mail reported that a statewide manhunt has been launched after Tyronne Speechley, 25, escaped from his prison farm accommodation in Townsville on Monday night with fellow sex offender Algana Amos James Tiers, 26.
The pair, both on supervision orders, broke off their GPS tracking devices.
Tiers, a convicted rapist, was caught for the second time in less than a year on Tuesday in Pallarenda, in the city's north.
Speechley escaped officers who chose not to follow him when he entered a creek police said was known to have crocodiles.
He is understood to have later stolen a blue Hyundai i30 hatchback before abandoning it on the Barkly Highway at Fountain Springs, between Mount Isa and Cloncurry, more than 800km away.
Police last night urged residents around Mount Isa to remain vigilant and not to approach the man.
Police Minister Jack Dempsey yesterday stood by the officer who didn't pursue Speechley into the water on Tuesday.
"I certainly support his actions," he said.
The Queensland Police Union also defended the actions and said crocodiles were known to use the waterway and officers risked losing their weapons or being weighed down by their equipment in the water.
Responding to calls for legislative change to stop courts granting supervision orders for offenders deemed moderate or "high risk", Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said any amendments must be made with extreme caution.
"Any changes that restrict judges' decisions could render the legislation unconstitutional," he said.
''If that happened, the community would no longer be protected from the offenders that are currently detained under the Act. The community's safety is the number one priority."

www.news.com.au (25-4-2013)

MANHUNT: Focus turns to Mount Isa

Mount Isa police were last night appealing for anyone who had seen dangerous sex offender Tyrone Speechley in the city to contact police after he had evaded authorities for more than 48 hours.
Speechley, originally from Mount Isa, is thought to be hiding out in the city after stealing a vehicle in Townsville on Tuesday night, driving it across the North West and dumping the car at Fountain Springs yesterday morning.
Speechley, 25, absconded from a low-security Townsville prison accommodation facility on Monday night with offender Algana Tiers, which sparked a large-scale manhunt for the pair.
Tiers was caught by police but Speechley managed to escape into a nearby river and evaded police throughout the night.
Police found the abandoned blue Hyundai i30, stolen from Townsville by Speechley, at a road stop near Fountain Springs between Mount Isa and Cloncurry yesterday.
Extra police were sent to the area to search bushland and check cars and trucks in case Speechley had hitched a ride.
Mount Isa Police Child Protection Investigation Unit Detective Senior Sergeant Kelly Harvey said late yesterday he had not been found and police were putting the call out to residents to call Crimestoppers if they believed they had seen him.
"An investigation team is being set up and we won't be stopping enquiries until he is located," she said.
"We believe he will probably attempt to locate family and associates but at this point if anybody thinks they see him we urge them to call Crimestoppers."
Speechley was subject to a Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act order, and had been known to escape custody, break bail conditions and evade police on numerous occasions in the past.
n Crimestoppers can be contacted on 1800 333 000.

www.northweststar.com.au (24-4-2013)

Croc-infested waters are no place for police in pursuit: union

Police have defended their decision not to follow a fugitive into crocodile-infested waters on Tuesday.
Convicted sex offender Tyrone Speechly has been on the run for more than 36 hours since hacking off his GPS tracking device and fleeing a low-security Townsville prison farm.
Speechly escaped with fellow sex offender Algana Tiers on Monday morning.
Dramatic footage, captured by ABC News, showed Speechly and Tiers running from police through scrubland about 20 kilometres from the farm.
Tiers was recaptured, but Speechly ran into a shallow creek.
Speechly had time to stop to take off his shoes in the water before running again.
Police Union president Ian Leavers said police made the right call in abandoning the pursuit.
"The creek in question is known to contain crocodiles and be quite deep in parts," Mr Leavers said.
He said police risked losing their guns or Tasers in the muddy water.
"As well, that equipment may weigh them down and they may become the subject of drowning themselves," Mr Leavers said.
Police Minister Jack Dempsey is considering introducing a year-long mandatory sentence for sex offenders who cut off their GPS bracelets.
But Mr Leavers said sex offenders should be held in secure custody, not a prison farm.
"We should not allow sex offenders to be on prison farms where they can walk away at any point in time," he said.
"As we know only too well, when they escape they become the police's problem and police have a very difficult job as it is."
Under current legislation, the Supreme Court determines where sex offenders are kept.

www.baysidebulletin.com.au (24-4-2013)
Marissa Calligeros

Police hunt for dangerous sex offender Tyrone Speechley in Townsville, after fellow escapee Algana Tiers caught

POLICE have found a car believed to have been stolen by dangerous sex offender Tyronne Speechley who is on the run in the state's north.
Officers this morning said they believed he was driving a blue 2012 Hyundai i30 hatchback stolen from a house near bushland areas in Pallarenda in Townsville.
It has since been found on the Barkly Highway at Fountain Springs about 800 km away.
Speechley, 25, and Algana Amos James Tiers, 26, cut off their trackers and escaped Townsville's prison farm in Stuart about 7.15pm on Monday.
Both offenders were on supervision orders. Tiers, a convicted rapist, was caught for the second time in less than a year, again after removing his bracelet.
The pair hacked off their GPS trackers and ran from a low-security Townsville correctional site.
The pair was spotted near the Three Mile Creek bridge on Cape Pallarenda Road about 10.30am yesterday and while Tiers was caught, Speechley managed to escape by wading through croc-infested waters.
Speechley has slipped his GPS tracker twice before, previously serving three years for sexual assault offences and assault with intent to rape before being released in April 2010 under a seven-year supervision order.
It is believed Speechley is armed with a knife and police have warned the public to immediately contact them if they see anything suspicious.
The beachside suburb of Townsville was in lockdown yesterday after two escaped sex offenders were located this morning, before one escaped.
One of the offenders, Algana Amos James Tiers, was arrested after being spotted near the Three Mile Creek bridge on Cape Pallarenda Road about 10.30am, but the other remains on the run after jumping into the creek.
Police have down the entire beachside suburb of Pallarenda, including the nursing home and searched areas including the Rowes Bay Golf Course.
A road block was in place at the Rowes Bay Caravan Park on Cape Pallarenda Road.
It is understood both men were armed with knives when they were spotted.
The EMQ rescue helicopter was tasked about 11.15am to help with the search.
Earlier, a police media spokesman confirmed crews have resumed the search this morning, widening the hunt to the whole Townsville region.
Algana Amos James Tiers, 26, and Tyrone Speechley, 25, left the Townsville contingency accommodation while Queensland Police Service officers were trying to execute a warrant on one of the men.
They were last seen in the Stuart area near the Townsville Correctional Centre farm.
Last year, Tiers - a convicted rapist - ditched his GPS tracking bracelet and walked out of his Townsville Correctional reserve accommodation. He was caught two hours later.
It is believed he was with his girlfriend.
The escapes come after convicted dangerous sex offender Andrew Clive Ellis cut off his GPS tracker and escaped from the Wacol Precinct early last year.
The 29-year-old was sentenced to another two years behind bars after he escaped and spent 16 hours on the run on January 31, 2012.
During his escape, Ellis assaulted an off-duty policewoman, stole clothing from a Lowes store and a six pack of beer.
Breaking the tracker's straps generates an immediate alert, providing Queensland Corrective Services and police with a current location.
The GPS surveillance system was approved by the previous state government after a Courier-Mail campaign with only 77 "high risk" offenders, who were convicted under the Dangerous Prisoner and (Sex Offenders) Act, wearing the trackers as of mid-last year.
Commissioner of Queensland's Corrective Services Marlene Morison last night tweeted a link to facts about GPS trackers, including information that they were tamper-resistant with more than 30kg of force required to break the straps.
"The GPS device can, with sufficient force or tools be removed by the offender. In fact, there are no materials that with the right tools could not be removed by an offender. That is why the best technologies utilise a strap that has good tensile strength with embedded tamper and removal detection technology so that removal of the device is detected and response can be swiftly launched," the Corrective Services News said.
In January 2011, The Courier-Mail reported Tyrone James Speechley had twice previously breached his supervision order by slipping his electronic monitoring device.
He had served three years for sexual assault offences and assault with intent to rape before being released in April 2010 under a seven-year Dangerous Prisoner (Sex Offenders) Act 2003 supervision order.

The Courier-Mail (24-3-2013)
Thomas Chamberlin

Dangerous sex offender released on parole

A dangerous sex offender who committed an armed robbery of an adult store while on strict parole conditions has been released from jail.
Tyrone James Speechley, 25, was charged after he attempted to rob the store in Toowoomba on January 6, 2012.
He pleaded guilty to the offence in the District Court on October 11, 2012, after he was identified by fingerprints left in the store.
Speechley was sentenced to three years imprisonment with a parole date fixed for December 21, 2012.
Previously, Speechley had served three years for sexual assault offences and assault with intent to rape before being released in April, 2010, under a seven-year Dangerous Prisoner (Sex Offenders) Act 2003 supervision order.
In June, 2010, Speechley sparked a manhunt when he went missing in Mt Isa after breaking a court imposed supervision order. He eventually turned himself in 11 days later.
He was sent back to jail in July, 2010, but was released again in October, 2010, subject to the same supervision order.
He twice breached that order by cutting off his electronic monitoring device and breaking curfew and was brought back to court in April, 2011, when he was again released under a supervision order before committing the armed robbery in Toowoomba in January, 2012.
In the Queensland Supreme Court this week, Judge Debra Mullins ordered Speechley to be released subject to a further supervision order and be returned to Townsville.
While in jail, Speechley underwent extensive psychiatric assessments.
Court documents show two psychiatrists concluded Speechley had an anti-social personality disorder but said he was not psychopathic.
Both psychiatrists said Speechley's personality showed traits of immaturity, impulsivity, was ready to use violence to solve conflicts, inter-personal instability, dishonesty, sexual promiscuity, negative attitudes to women and irresponsibility.
One psychiatrist concluded Speechley's risk of sexual re-offending was at least moderate and would be high if alcohol and drugs were involved.
Both psychiatrists expressed concerns at Speechley's ability to comply with the current supervision order.
In her ruling, Justice Mullins found that Corrective Services officers would be able to mitigate any risk of drug and alcohol use that might lead to sexual offending.

www.thechronicle.com.au (22-2-2013)
Adam Davies

Sex offender Tyrone James Speechley 'tried to rob sex shop' in Toowoomba

A dangerous sex offender has been sent back to jail after breaching his strict supervision order by allegedly trying to rob a sex shop.
Tyrone James Speechley has twice previously breached his supervision order by slipping his electronic monitoring device.
However, in material provided to the Supreme Court in Brisbane today, it was not clear if he was being monitored when allegedly attempting to rob the sex shop at Toowoomba last Friday.
Speechley, now 24, served three years for sexual assault offences and assault with intent to rape before being released in April 2010 under a seven-year Dangerous Prisoner (Sex Offenders) Act 2003 supervision order.
He twice breached that order and was brought back to court in April last year, when he was again released under a supervision order.
The Supreme Court in Brisbane today heard Speechley was arrested in Toowoomba on Sunday and a warrant under the Dangerous Prisoners Act was issued for him on Monday.
Barrister Bruce Mumford, for the Attorney General Paul Lucas, said Speechley was charged with break and enter premises with intent to commit a crime and attempted robbery, on January 6.
Mr Mumford said Speechley had made certain admissions and forensic evidence found in the shop made it a strong case against Speechley.
He said under the Act, Speechley had to be returned to jail pending a full decision on his supervision unless there were exceptional circumstances.
Mr Mumford said there were no exceptional circumstances and Speechley should be returned to jail and be examined by two psychiatrists.
He said, however, the examination by the psychiatrists would probably be put on hold until Speechley was dealt with for the criminal matters.
Barrister Harry Fong, for Speechley, said he could not oppose a draft order detaining his client pending a full hearing.
Justice Martin Daubney said he was bound to order Speechley's return to jail.
A full hearing into Speechley's breach is expected later this year.
In June 2010, Speechley caused a manhunt when he went missing in Mount Isa, in the state's northwest, but turned himself in 11 days later.
Speechley was ordered back to jail but in an application to the Supreme Court in October was again released on a supervision order.
At that hearing it was heard Speechley was upset when family members were facing a District Court trial on matters unrelated to his convictions.
In December 2010, Speechley was again living in Mt Isa and under a 24-hour curfew but Speechley did not return home and he was found at a house at 2am.
Speechley was charged with wilfully damaging his electronic monitor and pleaded guilty on December 17, 2010. Speechley was jailed for 60 days with parole after 20 days.

The Courier-Mail (11-1-2012)
Mark Oberhardt

Repeat sex offender cut off monitoring device

A sex offender managed to evade police for 11 days after he cut off an electronic monitoring device he had been ordered to wear by a court.
Mt Isa man Tyrone Speechley, 22, sparked a manhunt after he went missing from the north-west Queensland town in June last year.
He had been ordered to wear the device as a condition of his release from jail where he had served three years for assault and sexual assault after he followed a 20-year-old girl home from a party and attacked her on the side of a road.
It was not the first time he had committed offences against women.
In 2005 he was convicted of entering a dwelling with intent and common assault when he tackled a 21-year-old university student returning to her Mt Isa residence after a run.
In 2006 he was convicted of sexual assault when he violently tried to force a 15-year-old girl to kiss him. The girl fought him off.
Upon the end of his jail sentence in April last year, a Supreme Court judge ruled he could be released on a supervision order under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.
The judge acknowledged psychiatrists reported Speechley had "a high sex drive which he has an inability to control" but during his jail term he successfully completed courses and and "developed some insight into his sexual offending behaviour".
His release order contained 31 conditions, one that he wear an electronic monitoring device.
Today the Brisbane Supreme Court heard Speechley had cut off the device.
He was arrested when he handed himself in to police 11 days after he went missing.
He was jailed for 60 days for damaging the device and would have been eligible for parole today.
However this morning lawyers for Queensland Attorney-General Cameron Dick made an application for an interim detention order to keep him behind bars.
Barrister Bruce Mumford, for the Attorney-General, said it was expected he would face court for breaching his supervision order, on April 29.
Justice John Byrne granted the order until that date.

www.brisbanetimes.com.au (6-1-2011)
Amelia Bentley

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