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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending.
Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Unsolved cases do not close.
Often new information is received, even without new information Senior Detectives still review cases on a regular basis.
If you have any information please contact CrimeStoppers: 1800 333 000

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Bilal Skaf- gang rapist
Bilal Skaf - gang rapist

Donald Storen - paedophile
Donald Storen - paedophile

Allyn John Slater - Child Killer
Allyn John Slater - Child Killer

Gun Britt Ashfield - child killer
Gunn Britt Ashfield - child killer

Found in the Tennyson sandhills on 10-1-1997. Susan had been fatally shot.

In Glebe (Sydney), May 1968, Simon was found strangled and mutilated near his home.

The 3 victims were found dead in Southwestern NSW, in March 2000, with shots to their heads.

Rosemary Brown was strangled and found in a swamp at Garden Island on July 2, 2000.
Her daughter Melissa Brown/ Trussell is still missing.

FIONA BURNS (15) and JOHN LEE (14)
Found stabbed to death on a stretch of highway near the South Australia-Victoria border in 1990.

Kidnapped from her home in Templestowe, Victoria in 1991 and killed.

Shot to death on August 18, 1980 while sitting in his parked car with his girlfriend.

Bashed to death in her Hamley Bridge home on the 25-7-2000.
Friends and neighbours of 91yr old South Australian woman Kathleen Durdin described her as a "perfect lady", always perfectly dressed, even when walking to the corner store. Her friends became concerned when she failed to arrive to catch the bus for her fortnightly trip to Elizabeth on the morning of July 26,2000. Mrs Durdin`s body was found in the kitchen of her Hamley Bridge home by a relative, who lived nearby after a worried Meals on Wheels deliverer contacted the neighbour when the elderly lady didn`t answer her door. **Mrs Durdin had been bashed to death and her house ransacked.**
Police believe she was attacked with a blunt instrument, but have not been able to find the murder weapon.
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Stabbed to death in her Elizabeth South home on the 3-3-1998.

Leanne was brutally bashed and her tortured and partly-naked body found in bushland 10km from her home.

Charlotte died in hospital after 5 dies on life support, after suffering massive injuries.

DEIDRE KENNEDY (17 months old)
In 1973 Deidre was taken from her bed at home, sexually assaulted and strangled.

The semi-naked body of nightclub singer Ms Kipouridou, 26, was found in the half-opened lift of her Richmond Housing Commission block in 1981. She choked to death on her own blood.

Young Schoolgirl. Sexually assaulted and strangled at the Maitland Show in February 1984.
Solved after more than 20yrs - A killer has been identified- Read More.

JAIDYN LESKIE (14 months)
Jaidyns body was found in Blue Rock Dam, near Moe (Vic) on January 1, 1998.

Shot, stabbed and bashed in her Victor Harbour home on the 25-10-2002.

Bernadette Liston’s daughter Jennifer was just 12 years old when she found her mother murdered on the floor of their suburban home. It was a horrifying scene that no-one – let alone a child – should ever witness. The 46-year-old millionaire mum-of-four had been the victim of a relentless and frenzied attack.
‘Bernie was bludgeoned 20 times, mostly with the lid of a safe, and a knife blade bent on contact with her ribs. Her killer meant business,’ Bernadette’s sister Margaret Meer explains. She had been shot, stabbed and her throat had been slit, plus several of her fingers had been broken, possibly as she tried in vain to protect herself.
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Raped and murdered in Townsville on their way to school in 1970.

Denise was abducted as she was returning home from running errands to a local milk bar in 1978.


Shot in her Howard St unit at Collinswood on the 4-7-1997.

The young schoolgirl was abducted/ raped and murdered (strangled) on November 6, 1984 (Melbourne Cup Day) and her body found in a gutter. She was on her way home from a shop in Preston. Kylie was carrying a pink "strawberry shortcake bag", which was found 2 weeks later in a neighbouring street...No one has been charged with her murder.

A notorious child sex killer who once committed a trail of New Zealand is creating Australian legal history by mounting a Supreme Court challenge to a police order for a compulsory blood sample. Robert Lowe, an evil predator who was followed for two years by police before being arrested, is prime suspect in a 1984 killing of a six-year-old girl.
Six years ago Robert Lowe shed the blood of an innocent child he stalked and abducted just 400 metres from her home. Now the former church elder and Sunday school teacher who for 30 years preyed on little girls in Australia and New Zealand, has won a legal battle to stop police taking a few drops of his own.
Police had sought it for the sake of a second grieving mother. For Julie Maybury, a blood sample and DNA profile from the convicted child sex killer is the best chance of ending the mental torment that began when her six-year-old daughter Kylie was snatched on her way home from a corner shop in Melbourne in 1984.
But police have abandoned a Supreme Court application for the sample after Lowe launched a constitutional challenge funded by legal aid. Legal advisers warned police that although blood samples have been taken from other criminals, their bid for Lowe's would be likely to fail. The Victorian government says it will now rewrite its laws to eliminate the loophole. While the legislation was intended to allow such samples to be taken, lawyers said the wording was so vague it allowed defence lawyers to argue it actually forbade random testing.
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Ms Mealing's remains were found six months after her disappearance, on the banks of Behana Creek, about 30km south of Cairns.

Suffocated and burned at Parafield Gardens on 6-1-1991. Husband, Stuart Pearce (aged 30 at the time) is still wanted in connection with the murders.

In Canberra in September 1966, the body of young Alan Redston was found strangled, bound and wrapped in plastic. See also Derek Percy.

Abducted from the Perth suburb, Rockingham, 14-10-1997. During a family holiday, Gerard was rollerbladding to the shops when he was taken. His body was found 15 days later.

It was a crime that sent shockwaves through the Rockingham community. Sunday marks 15 years since 11-year-old Gerard Ross was kidnapped while playing in Kent Street at the foreshore – his body was found 15 days later dumped in a pine plantation in Karnup.
The case made headlines across Australia and remains unsolved. Many local police, State Emergency Services volunteers and residents took part in the agonising search for Gerard. A memorial for Gerard sits outside Rockingham police station. He and his family were visiting Rockingham during the school holidays and while only metres from his siblings Gerard was abducted on October 14, 1997.

The naked body of Gina Rossato, 48, of Thornbury, was found on August 16, 1982, in a ravine near Pascoe Vale Rd, Somerton. Her throat had been cut.

Patricia was raped and strangled at Hallett Cove, SA, on 18-12-1971.

Victims were found dead in a spa in the bathroom of their Bridgeman Downs home, in Brisbane, on April 22, 2003.

Beaten to death and dumped at Antsey Hill on the 18-12-1991.

Found bashed and strangled in her Geelong West (Vic) home in March 1992.


Murder of 2 women/ Disappearance of another women in Claremont, WA.
One of WA's longest running investigations. Last victim of the murders was, Ciara Glennon in 1997.


Killings of Alan Barnes, Mark Langley, Frederick Muir and Peter Strogneff from 1979-1981.
"The Family"- believed to be a gang of up to 9 homosexual men. Allegedly responsible for the abduction and rape of 200 boys and the murder of 5 people during a 10yr span (1973-'83).

(Catherine Headland, Ann-marie Sargent, Bertha Miller, Narumol Stephenson, Allison Rooke, Carmel Summers)
Six women aged between 14 - 75, Catherine Headland, Ann-marie Sargent, Bertha Miller, Narumol Stephenson, Allison Rooke and Carmel Summers were found deceased in the Tynong and Frankston areas, during the early 1980's.

In the early 1980s, six women aged between 14 and 75 were found deceased south-east of Melbourne in the Tynong and Frankston areas.
Catherine Headland, 14, and Ann-Marie Sargent, 18, were discovered on December 6, 1980, in dense scrub near a rubbish tip in Brew Road, Tynong. The next day the remains of 73-year-old Bertha Miller, the aunt of former police chief commissioner Mick Miller, were found.
Three years later (1983) the remains of 34-year-old Narumol Stephenson were discovered a short distance from the location of the other bodies. She was last seen on 28 November 1980.
These four victims are associated what is known as the Tynong North murders.
Allison Rooke was last seen on 30 May 1980, her body was located in scrubland off McClelland Drive, Frankston on 5 July 1980. Carmel Summers was last seen on 9 October 1981 and her body was located in scrubland off Skye Road, Frankston North on 22 November 1981.
These two victims are associated what is known as the Frankston murders.
Read more.

On January 13, 1965, two 15yr old schoolgirls from Ryde, Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt, were found stabbed/ bashed to death. Their bodies were found on Sydney's Wanda Beach. There have been many investigations but no one has ever been arrested for the murders. See also Derek Percy.

Daniel Thomas, aged 2yrs, vanished from his home, Standish Street - Myrtleford- VIC, on the 17th October 2003. He was being babysat at the time of his disappearance.
A coroner has found Toddler Daniel Thomas was killed by babysitter Mandy Martyn and his mother Donna Thomas contributed to his death because she failed to protect him.

Shirree was fatally stabbed in June 1993 at Oaklands Park, SA.

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