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Age: 54 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC

Sentence: Sentenced in the County Court in Nov 1991 to 10 yrs jail/ 7 yrs non parole. Convicted again in May 2006. Awaiting sentencing early December 2006...... Sentenced in Dec 2006 to an indefinite jail term...

Offence/Other: In May 2006- Pleaded guilty to 22 charges of rape/ armed robbery/ unlawful imprisonment/ abduction in the Ballarat Magistrates Court. Victim was a 24 yr old woman. Forde has prior history for sex offences including against a 13 yr old girl.

Pic: William Forde

Serial Rapist William Craig Forde Drops Appeal

Notorious serial rapist William Craig Forde dropped his bid for a lighter sentence yesterday after a telephone call to jail by his lawyers.
Forde abandoned an appeal against his sentence after three Court of Appeal judges made it clear he ran the risk of getting more jail time.
His barrister, Michael Croucher, announced the decision after asking for an adjournment so he could ring Barwon Prison and ask Forde for instructions.
Mr Croucher made the call after appeal judges Frank Vincent, Robert Redlich and Mark Weinberg said they could not give "any assurance whatsoever" that Forde's 17-year review period would not be increased.
Forde, 50, was sentenced last September to an indefinite jail term, to be reviewed after 17 years. It was his fourth separate conviction for rape.
His latest victim, Jessica, was in court yesterday to hear Forde's appeal dropped and said later she could now "get on with the rest of my life".
"It's taken 2 1/2 years, but it's finally come to a close," Jessica said outside court.
"I'm really well and happier in myself than I have been. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."
Jessica said she would celebrate with a glass of champagne, but would continue to take an interest in Forde's treatment until a decision was made in 17 years whether he should be released.
Jessica was raped repeatedly while Forde held her at knifepoint for 29 hours after abducting her from the shop where she worked in Ballarat on February 6, 2006.
Justice Vincent said he was troubled by the "very limited accumulation" of the penalties for the 16 offences that were components of Forde's original sentence. He said Forde had an extraordinary history of offending.
"Not a lot seems to have deterred him," the judge said.
Jessica, 26, became a champion for change to the legal system after her victim impact statement was published in full in the Herald Sun.
Her crusade for tougher sentences for serial sex offenders prompted a state government pledge to introduce a law to allow judges to keep offenders in jail at the end of their maximum sentence.

Herald Sun (29-7-2008)
Geoff Wilkinson

Victim: Give Rapist No Mercy

THE brave young single mother kidnapped by incorrigible serial rapist William Craig Forde put Victorian judges on notice last night over her attacker's indefinite sentence.
Forde, 49, was yesterday given an indefinite sentence, to be reviewed by a judge after 17 years, for crimes against Jessica while he held her captive at knifepoint during a 30-hour, cross-country ordeal.
It was the highest indefinite sentence given to a sex offender in Victoria, but produced a mixed reaction from Forde's latest victim.
Jessica said that in 17 years she would be "pushing 40 but still young enough to fight".
"I'll always be young enough to fight and I've got another 15 rounds in me if necessary," she said.
Jessica, whose powerful and heart-rending victim impact statement sparked an overwhelming public reaction when she allowed the Herald Sun to publish it in full in August, said she was stoked with the indefinite sentence.
"But I'd be absolutely horrified if he was let out after 17 years," she said.
"That would make me sick. If that was the case, what would be the point of having gone through all the trauma of fighting to get an indefinite sentence?
"My mum doesn't think 17 years even comes close to what he deserves."
Judge Thomas Wodak told Forde in the County Court at Ballarat that "if an indefinite sentence was not imposed there is a risk of serious danger to members of the community, namely adult females".
The judge said women could not be protected against the risk from Forde if a fixed sentence was imposed.
"The power to impose an indefinite sentence is to be exercised sparingly and only in clear cases," he said.
Forde pleaded guilty to 11 counts of rape, two of indecent assault, and one each of kidnap, unlawful imprisonment and armed robbery.
Forde served fewer than 16 years in jail for three previous rape attacks and reoffended within months each time he was released.
He was set free on November 7 last year and attacked Jessica on February 6 in the shop where she worked in Ballarat.
She was bound, gagged and raped in the back of the shop, then driven 800km around central and northern Victoria and repeatedly raped.
She was freed about 3.20pm the following day near her mother's Ballarat home, where she was found crying hysterically.
Jessica was supported in court by her parents, her partner, sisters, other family and friends.
Forde sat with his head bowed and showed no emotion during Judge Wodak's sentencing remarks.
The judge quoted at length from Jessica's victim impact statement, which he described at "realistic, reasonable and convincing".
"I consider that (Jessica) acted with enormous bravery and strength of mind during what must have been, for her, a prolonged ordeal of physical and mental pain, degradation, humiliation and despair," he said.
"You (Forde) treated her with a callousness difficult to understand, as though she was an inanimate and unfeeling object, existing only to serve your sexual gratification as, when, and where you chose."
Judge Wodak said Forde's record was deplorable and there was little to indicate remorse or a wish to be rehabilitated.
There was no evidence he suffered any intellectual or psychiatric disorder.
Forde will be just the fourth to serve an indefinite sentence in Victorian legal history.
After the sentencing, Jessica said she planned to study social welfare.
She hopes to help rape victims and contribute to changes in the way they are treated in the justice system.

Herald Sun (14-12-2006)
Geoff Wilkinson

Rapist Gets Indefinite Sentence

A man who subjected his victim to repeated rapes and death threats has received an indefinite sentence - just the fourth in Victorian judicial history.
William Craig Forde, 49, was handed the sentence today after pleading guilty to 11 counts of rape, two of indecent assault, and one each of kidnap, unlawful imprisonment and armed robbery.
His victim, Ballarat single mother ''Jessica'' sparked an emotional outpouring of support when she decided to tell her story to the Herald Sun.
Judge Thomas Wodak told Forde he had a deplorable record and had treated his latest victim "with a callousness difficult to understand."
The judge said Forde, who has three previous rape convictions, that he had behaved as though his victim was "an inanimate and unfeeling object existing only to serve your sexual gratification, as, when and where you chose."
Jessica, Forde's most recent victim, said outside the County Court at Ballarat she was happy with the sentence but drained by the court process.
Jessica said she was now more wary and less trusting.
"But the old me is still there in part and the old me and the new me, together, will keep on fighting as long as necessary."
She said she planned to study social welfare and hopes to be able to help other rape victims.
Judge Wodak set a "nominal sentence" of 17 years the minimum term Forde will spend in jail.
No maximum term is fixed for an indefinite sentence, but the sentence must be reviewed by a judge at the expiry of the nominal sentence.
Forde served a total of less than 16 years in jail during his last three rape sentences.
He was last released in November last year, at the end of a seven-year maximum sentence, and abducted Jessica on February 6 from the Ballarat shop where she worked.
Forde raped the 24-year-old single mother repeatedly during the ordeal that followed as he drove her about 800kms through central and northern Victoria.
Jessica was found on her knees, crying hysterically on the floor of her mother's home, soon after she was freed back in Ballarat about 3.20pm on February 7.
"I consider that (Jessica) acted with enormous bravery and strength of mind during what must have been for her a prolonged ordeal of physical and mental pain, degradation, humiliation and despair," Judge Wodak said.
The judge said there was little to indicate that Forde wished to be rehabilitated.
"The power to impose an indefinite sentence is to be exercised sparingly and only in clear cases," Judge Wodak said.
"I am satisfied that this is such a clear case, in which no sentence other than an indefinite sentence can properly provide protection for those in the community who are vulnerable to you," he told Forde.
The 17-year nominal sentence set by Judge Wodak is the longest nominal term fixed for the four Victorian sex offenders given indefinite sentences.

http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun (13-12-2006)
Geoff Wilkinson/ Matthew Pinkney

Open Term Needed For Rapist, Says QC

Serial rapist William Craig Forde would be a serious threat to any woman near him, a judge was told yesterday.
Prosecutor Jeremy Rapke, QC, called Forde "a dangerous, remorseless sexual predator".
Mr Rapke told Judge Thomas Wodak an indefinite sentence should be imposed on Forde to protect the community.
"If not in this case, then when?" he asked.
The County Court was told Forde had served three years, 10 years and seven years as his three previous rape sentences.
He reoffended within a few months each time he was released.
Forde, 49, has pleaded guilty to 11 counts of rape, two of indecent assault, and one each of kidnap, unlawful imprisonment and armed robbery.
The offences against a Ballarat single mother, 24, were committed in February, three months after he was released from jail.
Mr Rapke said Forde's criminal history made it "utterly predictable" he would offend again when he last got out of prison.
He said there were no mental illness issues to explain Forde's behaviour, and Forde could not say why he offended.
He said Forde had been ready to serve five years more than the minimum in his last two terms, rather than take part in a sex offender treatment program.
The court was told earlier Forde did not fit the criteria for an extended supervision order when last released, as he had no pattern of offending against children.
Psychologist Karen Owen said she regarded Forde as a high risk of reoffending, but extended supervision orders could be sought only for released child sex offenders.
Ms Owen, manager of the state's sex offender treatment program, said although Forde's most recent victim was 13 at the time he had no other record of assaulting children.
She said Forde had failed after repeated offers to take part in the program.
Forde's lawyer, Michael O'Connell, told Judge Wodak he could not conclude from the pre-sentence submissions Forde was intractable, untreatable or hopeless.
Mr O'Connell said Forde's confession and guilty plea were consistent with remorse and had spared the victim the ordeal of appearing in court.
An indefinite sentence can be given if the judge is satisfied to a high degree of probability that an offender is a serious danger to the community.
No maximum term is set, but the sentence must be reviewed by a judge at the expiry of a "nominal sentence" -- equivalent to the non-parole period that would have been fixed.
Judge Wodak said he hoped to be ready to sentence Forde in Ballarat next Wednesday.

Herald Sun (7-12-2006)
Geoff Wilkinson

Indefinite Jail Sentence Sought For Rapist

A Victorian judge has been asked to give a serial rapist an indefinite prison sentence.
William Craig Forde, 49, appeared before the Victorian County Court today for a pre-sentence hearing for the rape of a young woman he kidnapped from a Ballarat shop in February this year.
Forde repeatedly raped the woman during a 29-hour ordeal and drove her more than 800km through country Victoria, the court was previously told.
At one point, Forde told her she was "going to be his little whore for a couple of days".
He pleaded guilty to 11 counts of rape, two of indecent assault, and one each of armed robbery, false imprisonment and kidnapping.
Ford has already spent 15 years in jail for the rapes of three other women between 1988 and 1998, the court heard.
He raped his latest victim three months after he was released from jail.
Crown prosecutor Jeremy Rapke, QC, told the court he was seeking an indefinite jail sentence for Forde.
He described Forde as a serious danger to the community due to his character, his history, his age and the gravity of his offence.
Only three sexual offenders have received indefinite prison sentences in Victoria.
Forde's lawyer, Michael O'Connell, opposed the application.
He said an indefinite sentence was unnecessary and setting a finite sentence would still protect the community.
Psychiatrist Daniel Sullivan told the court Forde showed no signs of psychological or intellectual disability.
When asked what drove him to offending he had little explanation and said he may have found the power he exerted over the victims attractive, Dr Sullivan said.
The court heard Forde had repeatedly refused to take part in a sexual offenders program while in custody.
Dr Sullivan said Forde told him he believed the program involved participants being forced to masturbate and speak to a tape recorder about their fantasies and he found this idea "repulsive".
The doctor said he understood the treatment program involved addressing issues of empathy for victims, fantasies and how to control them.
The pre-sentence hearing before Judge Tom Wodak continues tomorrow.

AAP (5-12-2006)
Mariza O'Keefe

Rape Victim Tells Of Fear

A young single mother wants the serial rapist who destroyed her life to be given the maximum penalty of 25 years' jail.
Jessica has described her physical, psychological, emotional and financial suffering in a harrowing victim impact statement addressed to the County Court judge who will sentence her attacker.
A pre-sentence plea hearing for William Craig Forde will begin in the County Court today.
Forde has pleaded guilty to raping Jessica 22 times during a terrifying ordeal that lasted 29 hours.
He has three previous convictions for rape and was released from jail only three months before abducting her at knifepoint last February.
Jessica, 24, was driven more than 800km through central and northern Victoria after Forde grabbed her from a shop as she arrived for work.
She was raped in a back room of the shop after he bound and gagged her and threatened to cut her throat.
After driving her car deep into the Wombat State Forest, Forde told her she was "going to be his little whore for a couple of days".
At one point during her ordeal, which started at 10am one day and ended at 3pm the next, he told her the only thing keeping her alive was her body.
Jessica wrote in her statement, which will be submitted to the court, that her experience was "like looking into the eyes of Satan himself".
"I am not a religious person but I know that I have seen the very depths of hell," she wrote.
"I am constantly looking over my shoulder fearing there is someone there who wants to hurt me . . . I fluctuate from extreme insomnia to extreme fatigue.
"My motivation is gone. My joy of motherhood is waning.
"My ability to love and care for others is disappearing. My trust in the justice system is all but gone.
"I feel like I tried so hard, and was beaten down. I feel weak and vulnerable."
Forde, 49, served a total of 15 years and 10 months in jail for his three previous rapes.
He refused to participate in sex offender treatment programs while in jail.
He was forced to serve his maximum sentence for both his second and third rapes after the Parole Board refused to parole him because of his unwillingness to submit to treatment.
The maximum sentence for rape is 25 years, and that is the sentence Jessica wants for her attacker.
"At least give me the satisfaction of seeing this man put in jail for the maximum term of 25 years," she wrote in the statement, which she gave to the Herald Sun.
"After all, if I don't qualify as a victim of the most violent, serious and heinous of crimes, then who the hell does?"
Legal sources said yesterday an indefinite sentence might be another option to be considered by the judge.
A court can impose an indefinite sentence on its own initiative or on an application by the Director of Public Prosecutions.
An indefinite sentence can be imposed if the judge is satisfied, to a high degree of probability, that the offender is a serious danger to the public.
The nature and gravity of the crime and the offender's character, history, age, health and mental condition are all factors that have to be considered by the sentencing judge.
If a judge decides an indefinite sentence is appropriate, no maximum term or non-parole period is set.
But the judge must specify a "nominal sentence" equivalent to the non-parole period that would otherwise have been fixed.
The offender's sentence must be reviewed after the expiry of the nominal sentence.
Three Victorian sex offenders -- Kevin Carr, Geoffrey Moffatt and Anthony Carolan -- are serving indefinite sentences.
ANYONE with personal problems can call Lifeline on 131 114.

Herald Sun (17-8-2006)
Geoff Wilkinson

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