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Sex Attacks Link To Rapist Killer

POLICE will re-open investigations into whether Caroline Dickinson's murderer may have struck in Britain.
Francisco Arce Monies was yesterday found guilty of raping and murdering the schoolgirl at a youth hostel in Brittany in 1996. Monies was jailed for 30 years.
The serial sex attacker lived in London for four years in the 1990s A senior detective said: "It is difficult to believe that a man who has been a prolific sex offender all over Europe, over many years, did not commit crimes while in London."
Police in Caroline's home county of Cornwall, will ask every police force in Britain to re-examine their files on outstanding sex attacks and attempted abductions.
Police in Wales are particularly keen to quiz the Spanish drifter over a string of unsolved attacks at a holiday spot near a town where he worked.
Before the jury in Rennes. France, retired yesterday, Monies was asked if he had anything to say.
"I have nothing to say," he said. "I am ashamed."
The Spaniard admitted in court last week that he had sexually assaulted Caroline, but denied intending to kill her as he blocked her mouth to stop her screaming.
Caroline's mother Sue broke down in tears as Judge Fabienne Doroy read out the Jury's verdict of "guilty of murder preceded by, accompanied by, or following, rape".
Monies showed no emotion as she told him he must serve at least 20 years before he can apply for parole.
The court awarded John and Sue Dickinson $61,000 damages each, with $44,000 to their daughter Jenny. The money will be provided out of public funds and will help the Dickinsons pay their hefty legal bills.
Alter the verdict, which came following four hours of deliberation, Caroline's father smiled and puffed out his cheeks with relief as he shook the hands of British and French police.
He said outside the court: "The events of the last week have been for us a necessary but draining experience, as of course has the pursuit of justice for Caroline over the last eight years. We will now start the process of rebuilding our lives."
Detectives in Britain will now request a copy of Montes's file from the court so that they can cross-reference the exact dates he was in Britain with unsolved crimes, enabling them to build a picture of his movements.

Daily Mail 16-6-2004
Gordon Rayner
Father's determined Fight Allows Justice To Prevail

THE verdict was a vindication of John Dickinson's dogged fight for justice for his daughter.
Mr Dickinson played no small part in the eventual outcome of the case. He made more than 20 trips to France over the past eight years to keep up the pressure on police.
Monies became a suspect in October, 1897, when an investigating French judge noticed similarities between the murder and four attempted abductions at a hostel in Blere in the Loire Valley in 1993-4. Monies had been arrested and police had a file on him.
At the time Montes was identified as a suspect, he was in Spain awaiting trial for an attempted rape. Due to a breakdown in communication with the Spanish. French police were not told of his whereabouts and he fled to South America.
In April, 2001, US immigration official Tommy Ontko read a report in a British newspaper about the case
"GUILTY: Francisco Arce Monies and he decided to check whether Monies had a US criminal record.
He discovered that Montes was in Custody in Florida, having been arrested for committing a "lewd act" when he entered a girl's hotel room.
DNA tests confirmed Monies to be Caroline's killer.

Adelaide Advertiser 16-6-2004
Gordon Rayner

Sexual Predator Pestered Tourist's

ALMOST every afternoon outside London's Earl's Court Tube station, a neatly-dressed Spaniard approached backpackers with the promise of cheap accommodation.
The most naive girls gratefully accepted and followed him to a bedsit which he promised they could rent from him while he went on holiday.
He would then leave them to settle in but once night fell, he would be back, explaining that there had been a "change of plan" - and that he would be sleeping next to them.
The girls' host was Francisco Arce Mootes, who tried to force himself on countless tourists during a four-year spell living in West London from 1993 to 1996.
Many of the girls ran screaming from the room, fearing for their lives after being aggressively pestered for sex by Montea, who was by then a convicted rapist.
He was still living in Britain when he raped and murdered 13-year-old Caroline Dickinson at a hostel in Pleine Pougeres, Brittany, on July 18, 1996.

Adelaide Advertiser 16-6-2004
Gordon Rayner

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