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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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French Sex- Crime March

PARIS: The parents of 14- year- old Julie Scharch urged French citizens yesterday to join a march to demand the Government get tougher on sex offenders, hours after her body was found.
The macabre events in Alsace unfolded at a time when both France and Belgium were shocked by a separate case in which convicted sex offender Michel Fourniret has confessed to nine killings.
A Scharch family lawyer said a silent march for action would be held on July 10 in the town of Colmar. Julie's body, retrieved by police yesterday from a remote woodlands stream, is one of three discovered in the Alsace region since late May. She vanished after leaving her house on her bicycle.
Police have arrested a man who has spent 30 years between psychiatric hospitals and jails and who was released early from prison last March.

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Bodies Of Victims Found At Chateau

DONCHERY, France: A French avowed serial killer led police yesterday to the bodies of a 12- year- old girl and 22- year- old woman he admitted having killed and buried on the grounds of his former home 15 years earlier.
The two are among nine people, including eight women and girls, that Michel Fourniret has confessed to having killed between 1987 and 2001.
"We have found the second body, and thus 15 years of investigation have just come to their conclusion," prosecutor Yves Charpenel announced on the site of the chateau, in the Ardennes forest region bordering Belgium and France.
"It is with quite some emotion that I announce the discovery of (the remains of) Elisabeth Brichet," a 12- year- old Belgian girl whom Michel Fourniret has admitted to killing in 1989, said another prosecutor, Cedric Visart de Bocarme.
The body of Jeanne- Marie Desramault, who Fourniret said he also killed and interred in 1989, was identified earlier, Prosecutors said experts would conduct analyses to confirm the identifications.
In a startling case that has unfolded with dramatic speed, Fourniret, 62, confessed days ago to the nine killings, many of which took place tn this wooded border region, and then offered to help police dig up the remains of two of his victims at the 19th- century chateau he once owned.
He has been dubbed "the French Dutroux" by media because his confessions emerged just a week after Belgian's most hated man Marc Dutroux received a life sentence for a horrific series of rapes and murders of teenage girls that traumatised Belgian society.
Fourniret, who has been held in Belgium since June 2003 for abduction of minors and sexual misconduct, confessed to the killings after his estranged wife accused him of committing at least 10 murders.
Both he and his wife, Monique Olivier, were brought to the Sautou chateau yesterday, where about 200 police equipped with ground-digging excavators hunted for the victims' bodies in areas indicated by Fourniret.
Mr Charpenel said expert testing would be done, possible DNA testing, to confirm the victims' identities, adding that the "clay earth has preserved the bodies". Fourniret was arrested in Belgium last year after allegedly trying to abduct a 13- year- old Congolese girl who escaped and led police to him.
Fourniret has confessed to killing a ninth victim, a man, for money. He also confessed to the murder of a woman in order to, get the fortune with which he bought the chateau.

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Pic: Michel Fourniret
New Child Sex Killer Case Rocks Belgium

LIEGE, Belgium: On the heels of a pedophile murder trial that has caused trauma in Belgium, a French forestry worker has confessed to the murder of six girls and has been accused of trilling several other people.
Liege prosecutor Anne Thily said Michel Fourniret, in detention in Belgium since June, 2003 charged with abduction of minors and sexual misconduct, confessed to "six murders of girls" in Belgium and France between 1987 and 2001.
But Ms Thily said he could be responsible for the deaths of a total of as many as "about a dozen" victims, burying several near a castle at Donchery in the Ardennes hills. Investigators were expected to begin digging up the area today.
Among the victims was Elisabeth Brichet, a Belgian girl aged 12 when she was kidnapped near Namur, southern Belgium, in December, 1989. The 62-year- old Frenchman confessed to kidnapping, trying to rape and finally strangling her, Ms Thily said. "Michel Foumiret confessed to the kidnapping and admits he was obliged to kill her," said prosecutor Cedric Visart de Bocarme. in charge of the case in Dinant, where Foumiret is in custody.
The girl's mother was a founder of the "White Movement" launched by the parents of missing Belgian children after the arrest of rapist Marc Dutroux in 1996, amid reports of a large pedophile network operating in Belgium.

Adelaide Advertiser (2-7-2004)

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